USPSA at Southern Chester – May 2012 Match Recap

USPSA at Southern Chester - May 2012 - Stage 2

May was a very busy month for me for a variety of reasons, the most time consuming of which was a car accident. As a result, I’ve goteen behind on posting stage breakdowns. For this match, I’ve decided to do things backwards, in an attempt to speed up the process. At the moment I only have video finished for the match as a whole and not each stage broken out. Those individual videos will come later, but for the time being lets take a look at the match as a whole.

Production Division in USPSA is a very popular division and the competition is tough. I’ve been struggling to climb in the results each month due to the level of competition. This month I got a little bit of a break when a large area match conflicted with the local match schedule. Many of the top club level shooters opted to shoot the large area match creating a somewhat light turnout at the club level. That light turnout had a very surprising impact on my placement.

When the results were posted, I was shocked to see my name in the first place position. While I didn’t win every stage, my shooting was consistent. I was always among the top five shooters on a given stage which kept my points tally high. While it would have meant more to win my division with the usual competitors in attendance, I’m still very proud of my achievement.

1st Place in Production Division
111 A’s | 35 C’s | 4 D’s
664 Total Points of a Possible 750 | 89% Total Point Percentage


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