USPSA at Southern Chester – Stage 4

USPSA at Southern Chester - April 2012 - Stage 3

After shooting Stage 3 (Tortise and Hare), shooters topped off their gun and moved right along to Stage 4 (Bang and Clang) just a few feet away. The previous stage acted as a warm-up, of sorts, for the classifier stage. Made up of four steel pepper poppers and a single paper target, situated in a “V”, this stage would be over very quickly.

The Plan:

Upon hearing the start signal, my goal was to draw my gun and work from right to left, as fast as I could accurately make my shots. I wanted to start on the right side of the array because that is the side of my body that the gun was coming unholstered from. I felt that starting in that manner would be faster than drawing, crossing my body, only to come back to the right side again.

After The Buzzer:

When the buzzer sounded, I drew my gun and followed my game plan. In six shots, I dropped all four pieces of steel and had two rounds on the IPSC Metric Target. Due to this being a classifier stage, I was pushing myself to try and get closer to “B” Class. As a result, I had an A and a C zone hit on the paper.

I completed the stage in 4.18 Seconds with a Hit Factor of 6.6986. Overall, I had 5 A’s (steel is an A if knocked down and a Miss if not) giving me 28 of a possible 30 points. I had a 93% Point Percentage and ranked 6th Place in my division.

Stage 4 at the April 2012 Southern Chester USPSA Match


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