USPSA Shooters In Motion

Over the past few years my match photography has evolved considerably. In the beginning, all I really cared about was getting a picture of the written stage briefing so that I had something to reference in match video recap posts. It didn’t take long for me to get bored with the bland photos.

The next step in the evolution of my match photography was to ignore the written stage briefing all together. More often then that not it was an abused piece of paper that was either taped or stapled to a prop. I thought that it would be far more interesting to get a shot of the completed stage. While it was a more interesting photograph, it was missing something.

One day it dawned on me that a photo focusing on USPSA Shooters taking on the stage would be even better than just the stage, all by its lonesome. It took a match or two for me to realize that one photo per stage just wouldn’t cut it. I began to let loose and took dozens upon dozens of photos throughout a given match.

While a vast supply of photos was more work, in terms of editing and uploading, it gave me an abundance of options. Instead of a single photo at the head of a match recap post, I could also include a gallery showing some of the action that wasn’t caught on video.

At the most recent match, a Special USPSA Classifier at Lower Providence, I wound up with a series of photos featuring USPSA Shooters in Motion. I found myself going back to the album, over and over again, so that I could flip through the action shots and see the USPSA Shooters move through a particular stage.

This gave me the idea to try something a little different. I gathered up the series of photos and put it together in a sort of storyboard. I’m pretty happy with the end result and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.

Jim Graziano in Motion

USPSA Shooters In Motion - Jim Graziano

USPSA Shooters In Motion - Jim Graziano

Kerry Woods in Motion

USPSA Shooters in Motion - Kerry Woods

Steve Lockwood in Motion

USPSA Shooters in Motion - Steve Lockwood

USPSA Shooters in Motion - Steve Lockwood


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