USPSA Stage 002: Terror Behind the Crack (Final)

Since releasing my First USPSA Stage, I’ve been bitten by the stage design bug. When it is too cold to shoot and I can’t dry-fire practice, I turn to designing stages for fun. As the stage develops, I imagine myself moving through it and addressing a variety of shooting scenarios. Not only do I find it amusing, I think it may even be helping with my ability to create a shooting plan.

I have been in touch with an area Match Director and plan to sit in on a Stage Design Seminar (they need the volunteer help and I need an outlet for getting my stages setup). The only real problem that I’ve come up against is that I’m told that I use a lot of props (especially when it comes to walls). Because I’m designing these stages based off what I would like to shoot, and not a particular clubs prop inventory, I need to pay more attention to what I’m placing throughout the stage.

Just like last time, the stage you see down below is free to use. The only thing that I ask, if you decide to use it at your club, is to shoot me an email at walt at waltinpa dot com and let me know how it went. Letting me know about any setup or shooting issues will help in future stage development and the note would be greatly appreciated.

WaltInPA - Stage 002

Download: – Stage 002


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