USPSA Stage: Close Quarters Combat

Southern Chester 25 Yard Range - WaltInPA Stage 023 - Cropped WSB

Back in January I received an email from Graham Smith, Match Director at Southern Chester USPSA. The email went out to the Match Crew and let us know what the plans were for the upcoming USPSA Season.

One of the items mentioned was trying to get a pool of USPSA Stages designed. The beginning of the season would mean shooters were rusty. We would need a handful of stages that could be shot quickly and weren’t too complicated.

Since I don’t design much for the shorter ranges, I decided to dust off my AutoCAD Templates and give it a try on the 25 Yard Range. The idea was to create a condensed free fire zone and leave enough options open so that targets could be shot in a variety of ways.

The end result is a 28 Round Course of Fire. I’m guessing that the average time on this stage should come in around 20-22 seconds for Production Division with Master Class coming in closer to 18 seconds. I don’t shoot other divisions, would you care to take a guess at those times?


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