Visiting Berks Heritage Park

During this Motorcycle Riding Season, I have been making an effort to get out and see more things rather than riding the same old roads over and over again. Part of this process has been to research and visit local Roadside Attractions. My latest journey lead me to visit the Der Distelfink StatueOpens in a new tab. in Berks Heritage ParkOpens in a new tab. – located just a few miles from the Reading Regional Airport.

I didn’t realize it when I planned the trip but the Der Distelfink Sculpture stands at the entrance to the a rather substantial historical complex. The park houses a variety of fascinating buildings. Things to see include an old One Room Schoolhouse, Houseboat MildredOpens in a new tab., and Wertz’s Covered Bridge, among other things!

To be honest, while the Der Distelfink Statue was cool to see, Wertz Covered Bridge stole the show. It is well-maintained and holds the record as the longest-span-covered bridge in Pennsylvania.

One first for me on this trip was riding my motorcycle in the snow. As we neared Berks Heritage Park, snow flurries began to fall. By the time we parked our bikes near the statue, we were in the midst of a mild snow squall, and the volume of snow falling from the sky was mildly alarming. “If this keeps up, how am I going to get home!” Fortunately, as quickly as the snow squall came on, it passed. Crisis averted!

Der Distelfink Statue


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