Walt Shoots USPSA at Southern Chester – June 2012

By the point you are probably getting a little tired of seeing June match video from USPSA at Southern Chester County Sportsman’s and Farmers’ Association. Seeing the same stages shot by four people can become a little tiring, but I think there is something to learn if you watch closely.

The first video I posted shows Rich navigating each course of fire. Rich is a slow and steady shooter that is Right Handed but Left Eye Dominant. As a result, Rich engages targets in a manner different from the rest of Team Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab.. He has to contort his head into position in order to get a good sight picture. This leads to some unorthodox shooting but shows the variety of options that a given stage offers.

The second video I posted shows Scott moving through a variety of stages. Scott has an extremely laid back attitude and tends to shoot stages without as much as a quick walkthrough. This type of shooting leads to lots of target transitions but again shows the versatility of options a shooter may choose when stepping up to the start position.

The third match video features Dave. Like Rich, Dave is a slow and steady shooter. He probably isn’t aware of it, but I tend to watch him much closer than the rest of the team. I think Dave has a great grasp on how to come up with a game plan that suits his level of skill. He tends to beat himself up over what he considers sub-par performances and I can totally relate to that.

The last video in this series, of sorts, features me. It isn’t my best performance but I learned a lot from watching it. It starts off with Stage 4 and shows how well I can shoot while relaxed and focused. The next stage is a classic example of overestimating my level of skill as I engage steel, on the move, and pay dearly for it. That stage was a realty check and forced me to settle back down, resulting in a good performance on Stage 6 and an acceptable performance for the remainder of the match (not counting the classifier, I got cocky again and shot poorly as a result).

These videos have done wonders for my shooting. They allow me to look back on the things I’ve done well and, more importantly, the things I’ve done poorly. I hope they are as beneficial to you as they have been to me. It would also be great if you found them entertaining (although sometimes watching match video can be like watching paint dry).

USPSA at Southern Chester - June 2012 - Stage 1
USPSA at Southern Chester – Stage 1

Walt’s Match Results

7th Place out of 30 Shooters in Production Division
655 Points out of a Possible 740
115 A’s | 3 B’s | 28 C’s | 3 D’s | 1 M
88% Of Available Points Shot
Average Hit Factor 6.0182


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