WaltInPA Motovlog #2

Over the past several weeks I have been agonizing over a Motovlog Setup. Did I want the tried and true GoPro (complete with large and expensive Mic Adapter) or did I want to go with the lesser known DJI Osmo Action? Did I even want to go with a standalone unit at all or was the Sena 10C EVO a better fit for my needs? What about that fancy new Smart HJC 10A popping up on YouTube – did I want to wait for that to be released?

I haven’t been in a rush to purchase an action camera, so the options have been kind of swirling around in the back of my mind. Each had their own merits and drawbacks – none of them really winning me over.

That all changed last week. I was doing some Blog Research when I came across some info on YouTube. This lead me down the rabbit hole and before long I was setting up my very own WaltInPA YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab.. Along the way, there was one piece of advice that really stuck with me. I’m paraphrasing here – “Most people fail because they wait until everything is perfect before getting started. Because it is never perfect, their channel never goes anywhere. You don’t need perfect, you need to get started and just record something.”

This inspired me to grab my old pair of Pivothead Video Glasses, hop on my bike, and just record something. The end result was pretty terrible – for a variety of reasons. The video looked weird (old technology), the audio was muffled, and I spent roughly forty minutes babbling about nothing. I didn’t want to scrap the entire recording but I didn’t want to use all of it either.

I did the next best thing – I setup my iPad and recorded another video to tell the story I was trying to relay in my helmet. The second video was marginally better but I went ahead with it anyway. At the end I tacked on some footage from the bike and uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. It was far from perfect but it was my start.

Equipment Upgrade

With one completed video under my belt, I felt energized and eager to record more. The problem I faced was that my equipment needed a serious update. The old Pivothead Glasses were okay in a pinch but I needed something modern if I wanted future videos to be watchable. I was going to need to make a decision on an Action Camera and then I was going to have to break out my credit card.

I watched dozens of YouTube Videos on Motovlog Setups and the majority claimed that GoPro was King. If I wanted to be serious about starting a Motovlog I was going to have to invest in a GoPro Hero (7 or 8 Black) with a Mic Adapter and a decent Microphone.

When I went to the GoPro Website to place my order, I was presented with a problem. The previous GoPro Hero 7 Back was its usual $250. The Hero 8 Black, on the other hand, was on sale for $299. This seems like a no-brainer… it would be silly to buy the older model when the new one is just a little more. This is where I began to pump the brakes.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black has a couple of issues that I’m not fond of. None of these issues are deal breakers and can be remedied by using accessories – the problem is that by the time I buy all the accessories (Plus the necessary Mic Adapter and Microphone) I’m up over $400. This is just more than I’m willing to spend at the moment.

I ultimately decided to go against the grain and order a DJI Osmo Action. While this camera isn’t quite as good as the GoPro, it is no slouch either. It comes with some great features, includes spare batteries and a charging station (the unit is effectively on Sale and includes these items as a Free Gift), and the microphone adapter is tiny.

Recording Another Motovlog

The funny thing about Motovlogging is that despite how terrible my first video was – I was eager to record another. There is something about vlogging that is outright fun. My camera hadn’t arrived yet and I had no idea what to talk about, I just knew that I wanted to get back out there and record something.

I put on my Motorcycle Gear, grabbed my Pivothead Glasses, and took the bike out for a ride. The video below is the final result – warts and all. I think this one might actually be worse than the first but it was a beautiful day for a ride and a had a lot of fun doing it.

Motovlog Forum

I experienced some technical difficulties and I wound up losing the last few minutes of footage. I was cut off before I could tell you about MotovlogOpens in a new tab..comOpens in a new tab. – a Motovlog Forum that has been tremendously welcoming and a great place to learn.

Since joining the forum I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with a few people that I’d like to personally recommend. You can find links to their YouTube Channels and Instagram Accounts below. Take a minute to check them out and consider subscribing to help grow their communities.

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