Weekly Motorcycle Discussion: Reachable Moto Bucket List Items

Motorcycles are amazing machines that have the ability to make their owners dream about epic adventures. We like to go big and in some cases create Moto Bucket Lists that are damn near impossible to fulfill.

Take myself for example – I’d love to see Alaska and it would be amazing to one day be able to ride there from my home in Pennsylvania. It would mean a couple of weeks on the road, thousands of miles covered, and I’m sure I’d have memories from that trip to last a lifetime. The problem is that life gets in the way. I have a wife, young kids, work, and a business to run. I’m not at the point in my life where I can press the pause button for several weeks. In reality, a Motorcycle Trip to Alaska is a bucket list item that may never be fulfilled.

When it comes to goals, I am very much the Baby-Steps kind of guy. I like setting incremental goals that allow me to celebrate small victories along the way. So while Alaska may be my ultimate goal, there are plenty of Baby-Steps along the way and that was the premise for this weeks Motorcycle Discussion. What are some of your Moto Bucket List Items that you could reasonably attain if you were to put them into motion this weekend?

Being as this is my Blog Post, I suppose it is only fair to share a couple of mine with you.

  • Spend the day riding around the Pocono Mountains here in PA
  • Visit a Covered Bridge that I haven’t been to yet
  • Take a ride out to Gettysburg and see the sights

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TwoWheeldOpens in a new tab.

Oh boy. I really don’t know how to answer that one. Especially if it is next week. Maybe figure out a way to mount a plow to the front? 😂
All kidding aside, I would like to ride out to Sturgis sometime and take it all in on two wheels. It’s only a 400 mile trip for me one way, so it is very attainable.

Exeter RiderOpens in a new tab.

I’d like to go to the Picos in Spain, nice climate and the roads are good. It would feel weird not sharing the experience with the wife and kids to be honest, but it’s good to do these things isn’t it. So much to see in the UK too but the weather is too erratic.

EpicAdam MotovlogsOpens in a new tab.

I want to ride from the very bottom of the UK to the top but the UK is so small I can actually do it in 1 day but I’ll like to go the long way up & take 1 week. I’ll also like to hire a Harley & do route 66

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