What New Bike Do You Want (That isn’t a Harley)?

If you were to close your eyes and think, “Motorcycle,” what is the first image that your mind would conjure up? For some, I’m sure it would be a sleek Sport Bike with sharp lines and an aggressive stance. For others, it might be a big cruiser built purposely to lay down some serious miles. For me, images of the old “Standard” style motorcycles of the 70’s and 80’s come to mind.

I think the imagery of the 1970’s Street Bike comes to mind as a direct result of my childhood. While my family was never deeply engrossed in Motorcycle Culture – remnants from my father’s riding days were tucked away in various places and he always spoke fondly of them. Because of this, I feel drawn to these new Retro Style Motorcycles. Bikes like the Kawasaki Z900RS, Honda CB1100, and Triumph Street Twin just feel right to me.

When fellow YouTuber ChopperFett posed the question, “What would your next motorcycle be if it wasn’t a Harley”Opens in a new tab. – I knew instantly that it would have to be one of these new Retro Motorcycles. Classic Styling with Modern Technology, what’s not to love?

In this week’s Motovlog, I talk about which bike I would choose. If you enjoy the video, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel for future updates.

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