This Whole Baby Thing is Escalating Quickly

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For the last couple of weeks my wife has been making comments about us coming down the home stretch of pregnancy. Throughout the process I have been playing it cool. We have already been through this once already, what is there to stress over?

Today I got a text message from my wife that kind of freaked me out. She has reached ‘Full Term’ and will now begin seeing her doctor weekly for check ups. In addition, she is 1cm dilated (with some wiggle room – whatever the hell that means!) and we can expect the baby sometime in the next few weeks.

The scary part isn’t the actual baby. I’m fully capable of taking care of a child. The part that has me rattled is labor and delivery. The hospital my wife chose isn’t exactly down the street. Not only that, I’ve never been inside the actual hospital. The closest I’ve come is being in center where they hold conferences – such as the Breastfeeding Clinic we attended a while back.

Next in line is an issue with what to do with our daughter. Her grand parents will take care of her while her sister is born but what if it happens in the middle of the night? We’ve promised our daughter that she will be the first person to meet her sister after she is born (outside of nurses and doctors, obviously). What if someone shows up before she arrives and I have to make them wait in the lobby?

So much going on and it all seems to have developed in a flash. Humor has been helping, although the part about the whistle seems to have gone over my wife’s head…

Baby Text - 1

Baby Text - 2

Baby Text - 3


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