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Win a License for My Gun DB - Contest

I was talking to Alan recently, from MyGunDBOpens in a new tab., and he made a very generous offer to help me build the ‘Likes’ for my WaltInPA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab.. When I reach 250 Likes, Alan will give away a license for the MyGunDB Software.

I have talked about it in Episode 36 of Shooting The Breeze and think it is a great way to track your firearms, ammo, and accessories. It also qualifies as a digital bound book for C&R License holders.

Help me out and share the WaltInPA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. with your like-minded friends. The sooner I reach 250 Likes, the sooner someone can start using this great piece of gun software.

The winner will be randomly selected (Those of you who already ‘Like’ the page are entered already – thanks for the support).

Enter to win a MyGunDB License
by Liking the WaltInPA Facebook Page


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