Yamaha MT-09 Recall Affecting 2021 and 2022 Model Years

In Early March of this year, I became the proud new owner of a 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP. It was a motorcycle that I had put a holding deposit on five months prior. The wait was long and, at times agonizing, but the bike is everything I had hoped it would be – and more. To put it plainly, it was worth the wait.

The day after I brought my new motorcycle home, I recorded a video outlining my First ImpressionsOpens in a new tab. and posted it on the WaltInPA YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab.. In that video, I mentioned that starting from a dead stop felt weird – almost as if the bike was underpowered at very low engine rpm. I chalked it up to the bike being brand new and my needing to get used to a new clutch.

Within the next few days, I received a message on Discord from John over at Road Reality. He shared a link from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which stated that the Yamaha Motor Corporation had announced a Safety Recall of the MT-09 Series due to an Improperly Programmed ECU. The report claimed that this issue could limit throttle response and result in engine stalling. Additionally, the engine warning light may not illuminate when a system error occurs.

Due to this being a Safety Concern, Yamaha suggests that the motorcycle not be ridden unless being taken directly to a dealer for warranty service. The repair will be corrected free of charge and, in my personal experience, takes about 45 minutes to be completed.

It is worth noting that the ECU Refresh includes reprogramming of your ECU to correct fuel mapping issues. In the event that you had your ECU Professionally Flashed for performance upgrades (such as an Exhaust System, Intake, or to Adjust Fuel Mapping), this service may overwrite your tune.

This recall affects roughly 3,600 units from the 2021 and 2022 Model Years – including the Yamaha MT-09, MT-09 SP, and Tracer 9 GT.


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