19 USPSA Classifier Stages Are Getting The Axe

A few days ago I came across a Facebook Status Update from Matt OlinchakOpens in a new tab.. Matt was passing on the word that several USPSA Classifier Stages were culled from the lineup. While the Status Update looked official enough, I wasn’t sure if changes were proposed or if they would take affect immediately.

Steven Thomas posted the very same update on the Area 8 USPSA Facebook GroupOpens in a new tab. a couple of days ago and cemented to news. I’ve since seen an update from Joe Roberts (Match Director at Ontelaunee USPSAOpens in a new tab.) that this change is going to throw a wrench into his plans for the very first Special Classifier Match at Ontelaunee, later this month.

I’ve gone ahead and attached the affected USPSA Classifier Stages below. Take a minute to look over them and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Does this make an impact in the grand scheme of things or are these Classifier Stages used too infrequently to matter?


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2 thoughts on “19 USPSA Classifier Stages Are Getting The Axe

  1. I’ve shot a bunch of those. Why in the world would they get rid of 13-02 – they just added that one.

  2. OK, according to http://ingunowners.com/forums/shooting-sports/332329-eliminating-19-classifiers.html it’s a byproduct of revolver changes. That’s stupid – there were a bunch of good classifiers in there.

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