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As of late I have been toying with the idea buying myself a present with some leftover holiday money. It was a tossup between a new Pistol or a Digital SLR to replace my 35mm Film SLR. It was a tough decision to make because I am sure both would be a lot of fun to put to use.

I struggled to make this decision until I came across a box of photos in my closet. The box consisted of a couple hundred shots that I took with my old SLR. As I dug through the photos, I started off down memory lane. The amazing thing was that most of the photos were easy to place. I have been to some of the places in the photos so many times that I could easily distinguish where they were taken.

I had a lot of fun digging through my box and easily made the decision to go with the Digital SLR, with the intention of getting back into the hobby which I enjoyed so much. I scanned a couple of the pictures that I came across, which can be found below.

Misc Scan - Welkenweir - 1
Photo taken at Welkinweir

Misc Scan - Welkenweir - 3
Photo taken at Welkinweir

Misc Scan - Welkenweir - 2
Photo taken at Welkinweir

Misc Scan - French Creek State Park - 1
Photo taken at French Creek State Park

Misc Scan - French Creek State Park - 2
Photo taken at French Creek State Park

Misc Scan - Daniel Boone Homestead - 1
Photo taken at the Daniel Boone Homestead

Misc Scan - St Peters Village - 1
Photo taken at St. Peters Village

4 comments On Box of old photos

  • Walt,

    As a huge fan of landscape/scenic photography these pictures are amazing.. Thank you so much for sharing!


  • Walt,

    Those are some awesome shots. Which digital SLR did you go with?

    • Matt,
      I haven’t ordered it yet but I have decided on the Nikon D40. I have been doing alot of reading and it should work out very well for me, for the time being. If it takes off and I get as into it as I was, I’ll think about upgrading in the future.

  • Nice shots Walt. Definitely magazine worthy. I’m not familiar with it, but I know there’s a web site that lets you upload your pics with the intention of allowing publishers of all kinds to view and then purchase your stuff.

    I’d look into it if I were you!

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