Update on the Nikon D40

Ever since I received my camera, I have been ready to put it to use. Ever since the battery fiasco was taken care of, I’ve been trying to snap a few pictures every night. Some turn out while others quickly get deleted. Its been loads of fun so far. I’ve been taking photos of cigars before I smoke them, which has created a mini photo journal of my smoking habits.

Below are a three pictures from the last few days. For even more,
check out my Cigar Photo post on Stogie Review.

Nub Connecticut 460

Selective Coloring a Camacho Havana

Kensington Tobacconist House Blend by Rocky Patel

Do you keep a cigar diary of sorts?

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  • Hey Walt, great pictures! I try keeping a cigar dossier filled with cigar bands and basic information on the cigars I smoke. Sometimes I remember to fill it out, sometimes not. Keep the great pictures coming!

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