Gettysburg Photos

While in Gettysburg on Saturday, I snapped several photos during the speech. I learned just how difficult it is to take photos during an event while trying not to distract the speaker with my flash and slow lens. After a little editing I came out with twenty-four photos that I was happy with.

Do you have any tips for snapping
photos during an event of some sort?

3 comments On Gettysburg Photos

  • Walt,

    Nice post and video!

  • Walt, excuse the possibly dumb question but I’m not a history buff. What’s the background story of the guy in the kilt?

  • rlneal,
    I really have no idea. I know virtually nothing about the Civil War at this point. I just go for the sights, speech, and cigars.

    I have gotten an interest in the Civil War and plan on doing a tour of the battlefields at some point.

    When I learn what the significance of the kilt is, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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