Walt - Ninja Hat - 1There comes a time in every persons life when they hear the call. It can be difficult to pick out in the still of the night but it is there, gentle yet persistant.

When I heard the call, it was clear to me. In the time it takes the heart to make a single beat, I knew that it was time to stalk my prey. I slipped out of bed and into the darkness. In a fluid swipe I pulled yesterdays shirt from a heap of laundry. In mere seconds it was transformed into a Ninja Hat. I was on the move.

I slipped through the bedroom door and made my way thorough the house. As I made my way into the dining room, I laid eyes on my prey. With comically large sneaky steps, I crept ever closer. It was here that I made my fatal mistake.

My movement attracted the attention of the dog. With a mohawk of hair running down his spine, he grumbled danced around me. My scent must have given me away, for he began to leap and play as I stood frozen. My prey was alerted, she turned to face me.

For an instant, fear flashed in her eyes. In a moment of recognition a sly smile spread across her lips. She spoke to me. “What are you doing?”

I was caught, no sense in lying. “I was trying to creep up on you in my ninja hat but the dog gave me away.”

With a smile, my prey turned her back to me and laughed. I removed my Ninja Hat and walked shamefully towards the shower.

The above story is a peek into my life and is not fiction. I am a child at heart and activities like stalking my wife while wearing yesterdays shirt upon my head makes us both laugh. For more silliness, take a look at the posts below.

This piece has been submitted to the #FridayFlash Twitter Group. For more information on that group, and a collective of the submissions, head over to JM Strother’s Mad Utopia.