Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 4

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I am proud to announce that today is the day that I roll out Episode 4 of my Shooting The Breeze Podcast. This episode was almost the one that didn’t make it on time due to my recent trip out to Easton to cover the Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo (Cigarnival) as a member of the press for Stogie Review.

Due to Hurricane Irene, Mike and I wound up coming home a day earlier than planned, to try and beat the weather. While it meant that we wound’t be able to attend the after-party, we avoided the worst of the weather and it gave me an extra day to prepare for this podcast.

As usual, the podcast runs about an hour long and covers everything mentioned in the show notes below. I enjoy doing this podcast a great deal and want to thank the thirty of you that have watched the show consistently. And to those few of you that have commented on past episodes and offered words of encouragement, take a moment to pat yourselves on the back, because you are eff’n awesome!

Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing your thoughts, opinions, and feedback in the comments section below.

Show Notes:

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Topic of Discussion:

  • The topic of discussion in this episode is reloading. I talk about my grandfathers old Lyman Tru Line Jr Press and the options of using it versus buying new. I also discuss my thoughts on going the single stage route over progressive as well as the single stage press that I have my eye on.

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4 comments On Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 4

  • Just trying to make you day! I don’t shoot. My wife has enough issues with the cigars. I don’t know how you make the time to do all this and manage the family, but AWESOME job!

    • Islandak,
      If Stogie Review has taught me anything, it is how to create a simple workflow to get video published in a reasonable amount of time so that I can spend time with my family.

      It also helps that none of what I do is scripted. It makes for lower production quality but it is my style to just run with it. Sometimes it works great, other times I stare in wonder during the editing process, asking myself did I really just say that?

  • I’m very thankful for the NRA, without them fighting for us our rights would’ve been gone long ago.
    It’s nice hearing a like minded view on your podcasts. Keep ’em coming.

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