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With the Polar Vortex and the constant threat of snow, it is hard to imagine winter ever ending. Despite the biting cold and routine shoveling, there is a glimmer of hope. Spring is growing nearer and my email inbox is proof of that.

This morning I received an email from Troy Ross over at the Hamburg Game Association. The email contained some information about the upcoming Outdoor 3D Archery Season, which kicks off on March 9, 2014. It is hard to believe but in a little more than six weeks, my daughter and I will be back to regular outings at the Archery Club.

The nicest aspect of Hamburg Game is that they do something a little different with their Archery Program. Unlike most clubs, where the course is cut into the woods and offers little in the way of course layout change, Hamburg has what I think of as a dynamic course.

The course is setup in such a way that it offers a number of setup options. As a result, the course is always different from one shoot to the next. In fact, between the monthly Sunday Shoots and the weekly Thursday Night Shoots, I don’t think I’ve ever shot the same course twice.

During all of my time at Hamburg, I have only ever heard one complaint. This particular issue came from a guy shooting a Bowtech Insanity. He had just taken his shot, blown through the target, and lost his arrow in the brush beyond. He was a bit annoyed, as I would have been, and made a very valid point. Targets were in rough shape and a number of them needed to be replaced.

Over the offseason, that problem has been resolved. A few months back, my daughter and I took a ride out to Hamburg to give Troy and Scott a hand sorting and assembling a number of brand new R&W Targets. I’ve got very little experience with 3D Archery Targets but the new targets seem to be built very well and are realistic.

My only concern with the new targets is that the foam seems very dense. While I’m sure they will break in just fine, the first couple dozen arrows might be a chore to pull free. If you are planning on shooting at Hamburg Game and don’t already have an arrow puller, you may want to pick one up.

Hamburg Game Association hosts 30 Target 3D Archery Shoots on the 2nd Sunday of each month, March through September. The cost is $10 for adults and $8.00 for mentors (basically, if you bring a youth archer you save $2). Youth 15 Years Old and younger are free with a Mentor. Registration runs from 7am until Noon.

In addition to the monthly shoots, Hamburg also hosts Thursday Night 3D Archery in July and August. The weekly shoots consist of 15 Targets and registration runs from 5pm to 7pm. The cost is $5.00 for Adults. Youth shoot free with a Mentor.

If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest then, Wait there’s more!. At the end of the season, Hamburg will raffle off a variety of prizes. Each adult registration, for the monthly shoot, earns you a raffle ticket. Raffle tickets can be purchased during the Thursday Night 3D Shoots for something like $2 or $3.

Mark your calendars and head out to
Hamburg Game Association for some 3D Archery Fun

Hamburg Game Association - 2014 3 Archery Season


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  1. Thanks for the plug Walt. Prize packages for this year are already coming in, sponsorship is available for drawings and/or prize packages. Package value $250 minimum, drawing gift cards from $10-50. One raffle ticket included with adult or mentor sign-in each Sunday shoot and Thursday nights for an additional $3. Drawing will be after clean up of September 14th shoot, winners will be listed on Hamburg Game Face Book page and e-mailed or called by Archery Staff. Membership at the club is available, see bartender during business hours. Also archery buttons are for sale @ club ($5). Hope to see every one out shooting this summer.

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