A few weeks back I was talking to my good friend Jerry Cruz and he told me about a Slim Down Challenge that he signed up for at his local Anytime Fitness. One of the aspects that I found most interesting was that he was participating in a weekly challenge.

I liked the concept so much that I decided to borrow it and incorporate it into my November Project. Since the Slimming Down Dad 10K Virtual Fun Run was so much fun, I thought I’d open this up to the readers as well.

The premise is simple. Every Monday throughout the month of November I will post a weekly exercise challenge. All of the exercises will be body-weight only so that everyone can follow along at home. Feel free to modify the exercise as needed to increase / decrease difficulty to meet your needs.

Weekly Challenge - Week 2

To participate, all you have to do is perform 250 Pike Pushups (YouTube demonstration video below) between now and next Monday. Feel free to tell us how you’re doing on the Slimming Down Dad Facebook Page or by using the #SlimmingDownDadChallenge hashtag on Social Media.