Boardwalk Run

Last week my family and I did something we haven’t done in several years – we took off for a week and went on vacation. Before leaving I talked with my friend Jerry about a Kettlebell workout that he has been doing. My plan was to run over to Walmart, pick up a 35lb Kettlebell, and put it to use each morning.

Online pricing for CAP was roughly $1 per pound. The in-store pricing for Gold’s brand was considerably more than that. I wasn’t interested in spending $42 for a 25lb kettlebell. From there I planned to go out for a run each morning to get in some exercise.

That lasted one morning before I gave up on it. Trying to sleep in a house that was too warm (locked Nest thermostat in the rental) and in a bed that was uncomfortable, left me with some wicked back pain. Getting up and moving each morning was excruciating.

The lack of planned exercise was offset by a lot of walking and pushing a stroller. Despite eating things I normally wouldn’t (bread and cheese slices – so many sandwiches…) I came home weighing slightly less than when I left. Better yet, my body fat percentage was slightly less as well.