2017 Honda CBR300R – My First Ride Review

On Sunday, October 9th, I was scheduled to attend the Bucks County Covered Bridge RideOpens in a new tab. with a handful of friends from the WaltInPA Discord ServerOpens in a new tab.. As the date approached, I found myself with a severe problem. I didn’t have a Motorcycle to ride.

Leading up to the Group Ride, I realized that my rear tire was toast and desperately needed to be replaced. To save a few bucks, I opted to do the work myself. In the process, I managed to pull the threads out of my rear brake caliper housing. With no replacement available due to back-orders, it looked like I might just be facing the end of my riding season.

I desperately wanted to attend the Bucks County Covered Bridge Ride, so I started to explore my options. I toyed with the idea of renting a motorcycle and decided against it. In a last-ditch effort, I reached out to my family to see if I could borrow a bike. Things fell through, and it looked like I just wasn’t going to make it this time around.

The day before the Group Ride, I received a surprise message from a friend. He told me that his wife was feeling under the weather and wouldn’t be able to make the ride. Knowing I wanted to go, she offered me her 2017 Honda CBR300R. While it would be a night-and-day comparison to my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP, it sounded like it would be tremendous fun to ride a small bike, and I eagerly accepted.

Honda CBR300R

Honda’s CBR300R has been a fan favorite for years, and the 2017 model is no exception. This bike packs a punch with its 286cc single-cylinder engine and slim design, making it perfect for both beginner and seasoned riders alike. The 2017 Honda CBR300R also boasts an LCD display and LED turn signals for added convenience. Of course, Honda’s famous build quality gives riders peace of mind with its reliable performance and durable construction. Overall, the 2017 Honda CBR300R is an excellent option for anyone looking for an agile yet powerful ride.

2017 Honda CBR300R - 1

First Impressions

When I threw my leg over the Honda CBR300R, I didn’t know what to expect. Simply put, it was the smallest bike I had ridden since I took the MSF Basic Rider Course in my early twenties. At 265 pounds, would this bike even have enough power to get me down the road and anything more than a snail’s pace?

When I pulled in the clutch and pressed the starter – the 286cc engine came to life and began purring like a kitten. Despite my size, I was comfortable as I eased out the clutch and pulled away. I followed behind Untamed RideOpens in a new tab. as we made our way to the main road. He rolled on the throttle and took off like a rocket. I cracked open the throttle and attempted to follow suit – I didn’t have a chance at keeping up with his 2022 Aprilia RS660Opens in a new tab..

First gear on the Honda CBR300R felt like its primary function was to provide just enough momentum to get into second gear. From there, each gear felt a bit more spread out, allowing you to build speed. Reaching 60mph on this small bike was no problem at all. In fact, I’d say that the bike did it with ease. But getting there took a bit more time than I was accustomed to.

Getting Comfortable

It didn’t take long to realize that riding the Honda CBR300R would be much different than I was accustomed to. The riding style was vastly different than my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP. With bigger bikes, you take for granted that you have instant power with a twist of the wrist. Being a gear too high coming out of a bend wasn’t a problem. That was not the case with the CBR300R.

Each incline and bend in the road required a little extra focus. You had to be in the right gear and in the proper RPM range otherwise, you would lose precious speed and momentum making corrections. This isn’t to say that riding a 300 is difficult – it just means that you have to use the available power wisely.

When we pulled into our first rest stop, there were sarcastic jabs about the raw power of my little Honda CBR300R. I smiled and responded, “You guys think you are out for a leisurely cruise, but I’m back here feeling like Valentino Rossi with the engine screaming. It was awesome!”

There is an old adage in the motorcycle community that goes, “It is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slowly”. I found that to be true. The little Honda CBR300R is incredibly fun to ride through twisty Southeast Pennsylvania Roads!

2017 Honda CBR300R - 2

Is The Honda CBR300R A Good Beginner Bike

Are you looking for your first motorcycle? Honda’s CBR300R might just be a perfect choice. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, making it an excellent option for novice riders. But don’t let its size fool you – it still packs a punch with its 286cc engine. It’s also more affordable than other Honda models, leaving more room in your budget for fancy add-ons or necessary safety gear. Plus, Honda is known for their quality and reliability, so you can trust that this bike will last for years. So if you’re ready to jump into the world of motorcycling, the Honda CBR300R is worth a closer look.

Is The Honda CBR300R a Good Bike for an Experienced Rider

This is a much more difficult question than Is the Honda CBR300R a Good Beginner Bike? While it is a blast to ride, I wouldn’t run out and buy one as a backup to a significantly larger bike. It is a blast to ride and has amazing fuel economy but it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to power and torque.

An experienced rider may be better served with something along the lines of a Ninja 300, which increases the engine size slightly to 296cc in a parallel twin format. If you are not opposed to a more aggressive riding style, the Yamaha R3 may be an even better option with its 321cc parallel twin engine.


I’m incredibly grateful for Justine’s offer to borrow her 2017 Honda CBR300R so that I could attend the Bucks County Covered Bridge Ride. By the time I had returned her bike, I had ridden it for roughly 100 Miles. I found it comfortable and loads of fun on Southeast Pennsylvania Backroads. If given the opportunity to take a CBR300R out for a spin, as an experienced rider or a novice, I would not pass up the opportunity. I think you will enjoy all that this motorcycle has to offer.

2017 Honda CBR300R - 3


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

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    I still have the thought in the back of my mind to pick up a fun to ride sportbike of 750cc or less for those times I just want to go for a quick rip, instead of hauling out my GoldWing.

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