A Day in Gettysburg

Re-enactors appreciation weekend - Gettysburg PA

During the week, last week, I spoke with a fiend of mine about heading down to Gettysburg for re-enactors appreciation weekend. Being a bit of a history buff, he has headed out for the last three years to check it out. I went along for the ride last year and had a good time, so I was looking forward to this year.

One weekend each year, the city of Gettysburg puts on a benefit for the people that educate tourists on the history of the Civil War. The re-enactors hit the streets in period dress and take advantage of free seminars and specials put on throughout the town just for them.

One of the sponsors of the event is Gettysburg Cigar Company. They work with a local tavern and provide cigars and brandy for a crowd of men while they listen to a speaker. The women enjoy a tea party across town.

The speakers name eludes me, but he was the same person to give the speech last year. He portrays a British Observer and lectures for nearly an hour on all that he would have encountered during the Civil War. The man is a talented speaker and had the crowd roaring and clapping on several occasions.

After spending time at the tavern to listen to the speech, we headed over to Gettysburg Cigar Company to have another cigar during their Oliva Event. Gary, the owner of the business, is a great guy. He remembered me from last year and was extremely friendly. The shop is small and easily missed while driving through town. The selection of cigars is limited, but Gary makes wise choices as to what he puts on the limited shelf space. Brands like Tatuaje, Illusione, Ashton, Oliva, Padilla, and Padron are easily found in a variety of facings.

After a few hours of enjoying the cigars, talks with re-enactors, and the beautiful weather, we headed back for home. Just as to be expected, I had a great time and look forward to doing it once again next year.

Some brief video clips from the event

Have you ever been to Gettysburg or
any other Civil War historical site?


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10 thoughts on “A Day in Gettysburg

  1. Danny,
    This is the second year that I’ve gone. It isn’t quiet a tradition yet, but I think it may become one. I’m hoping to go once again next year and I can only hope the weather is as good as it was this year.

  2. Nice article. I really liked the Gettysburg Cigar Company sign pic from your tweet over the weekend. Very colorful! http://twitpic.com/1y13y

  3. They look so natural in Civil War dress smoking cigars–great video thanks. I went to Gettysburg when I was maybe 10 –45 years ago! I want to go back now that I realize and understand what happened there. Are you a reenactor? BTW, your drive through Gettysburg looked at times like it was done at full charge lol. I know, optical illusion.

  4. Gary,
    No I’m not a re-enactor. Last year was my first time out to Gettysburg and I had such a great time I wanted to head back out again this year.

    Thanks for the comment

  5. I have never been to a Civil War site but I have been to Fort
    Mackinac. They have reenactments of military life in the 1800s.

  6. I forogot to mention this in my other Comment but I love the song that you chose for the video. Goes along with the video Great!!!

  7. I would say invest in a fast lens, they are worth their weight in gold. Besides, a 50mm fixed prime lens isn’t all that expensive.

    Also, I’d invest in a hot shoe flash. One that can be bounced. I assume you used the on-camera flash in this shots. Using a flash (the same brand as your camera) that fits into the hot shoe will allow you to bounce the flash on the ceiling, resulting in much more natural flash lighting.


  8. Been to Gettysburg at least once a year from childhood. I am about 30-45 minutes away depending on traffic so all of our schools would use it as a field trip every year šŸ™‚

    I never got into the re-enactments and such, maybe because i just got tired of going to the same place over and over while growing up.

    Where is the Cigar Company? along the main drag close to those lovely traffic circles?


    heck of a drive for you also – about 3 hours?

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