A Fourth Personal Training Session With CustomFit Training

Several weeks ago I kicked off a series where I planned to discuss each of the five personal training sessions that I purchased from CustomFit Training. This is the fourth entry of that series. If you missed the first, feel free to jump back and read that one before starting in on the one below.

CustomFit Training

Due to a back injury I had to reschedule my fourth personal training session with CustomFit Training. I held off on doing any exercise that particular week and followed my Doctor’s suggestion to take it easy and rest up.

Having an unscheduled week off left me guessing as to what my next session would be like with Bobby Pritchard. Would we go into overdrive to try and make up for the lost week? Would we go at it easy because I just went a week without exercise? Would it be business as usual?

When I walked through the door and shook Bobby’s hand, we sat down for a minute to go over the game plan. To be on the safe side, I would be doing lots of cardio-strength exercises but nothing that would have me moving quickly from side to side. The purpose of this was to protect my back from the jolting motion of coming to a stop and throwing my torso in the opposite direction.

I thought the change in the routine would wind up making it easier. It was anything but easy. I hopped onto the rowing machine and knocked out a 1,000 meter row. Nothing crazy like the session before, just a steady pace that would warm me up slowly. I think I held about 30 strokes per minute and finished up with a good sweat starting.

From there we bounced back and forth from strength exercises to cardio. My heart was pounding and sweat was running down my face. When it was all said and done, I checked my Fitbit and was surprised to see nearly 500 calories of energy expenditure throughout the session.

Each time I workout with Bobby he leaves me impressed. Not just by the quality of the workout but by how much he seems to care about seeing his clients move towards reaching their goals. I was given a good-natured warning before leaving. Come prepared next week because we are going to push hard and there will be no breaks. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to that session so that I can see what I’m capable of when I don’t have the opportunity to hold myself back.


  • 1,000 Meter Row
  • Bosu Pushups (10 Reps x 4 Sets)
  • Switch Feet on Plyo Box (30 Second Intervals x 4 Sets)
  • Battle Ropes (30 Second Intervals x 4 Sets)
  • Plyo Lunges on Agility Ladder (4 Sets)
  • Walking Lunges (25 Pound Weights – Forwards and Backwards)
  • Walking Squats on Agility Ladder (4 Sets)
  • Dumbbell Raises (Forward and Side – 10 Reps x 3 Sets | 12 Pounds then 10 Pounds)
  • Stretching

If you are interested in following along with my Personal Training Sessions with CustomFit Training, the series has been outlined below.


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