A Pocket Pistol Fix of Redneck Proportions

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Just the other day I was standing around, talking with my father, when suddenly I felt my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard shift in my pocket. I reached in and discovered that the muzzle portion of the holster had enlarged what was once a small hole in my pocket.

At that point in time, there wasn’t a whole lot that I could do to remedy my situation. My options were to either place the gun in my cargo pocket, which would require a much longer reach to access it in an emergency (it also would bang against my knee as I walked), or deal with the holster slipping into the hole. I was pretty sure that the gun wouldn’t wind up clean through the hole but I didn’t want to risk dropping the gun.

Out of curiosity, I asked my father if he had any ideas for a quick and temporary fix. To my surprise, he told me to line my pocket with masking tape. I know what you’re thinking, this has to be a joke, right? Everybody knows that if I were to line my pocket with anything, it would have to be duct tape.

It turns out that it was no joke. My father explained that he has run into that problem before (keys poking holes in a pocket and loose change spilling everywhere) and that a little masking tape did the trick until he was able to mend the pocket.

What did I have to lose? The only tape that I had handy was blue painters tape. I pulled my pocket out of my pants and began layering small pieced of tape across the hole. After covering the hole completely, I ran a few pieces of tape perpendicular to the first, then went back and added a few last pieces in the same direction as the first.

I pushed my now-stiff pocket back into my pants and transfered my pocket pistol back into my mended pocket. I was genuinely surprised, the pocket held strong for the remainder of the day. The only thing to do now is to either learn how to sew or see if there is such a thing as iron-on pocket patches.

Have you ever found yourself performing
some form of firearms related Redneck fix?


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  1. You put the Ass in Class my friend… haha I haven’t had to do that yet but shortly after we moved on the block I was walking my dog when a neighbor stopped to welcome me to the area and talk for a bit.. as I bent down to pet my dog my firearm dropped from my (SOB Holster) on to the ground right in front of her. I just looked at her waited for her reaction (which was a solid stare in the eyes and then a very quick exit).. Welcome to the Neighbor Hood!!!

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