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First and foremost, let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2012 has been a roller-coaster ride, filled with ups and downs. I was given my first opportunity to review a product from a major ammunition retailer, I worked out a series of contests for autographed books, and I managed to piss off one of the biggest photographers in the shooting worldOpens in a new tab.. All in all, it has been a pretty good year.

In addition to this being New Years Day, it also happens to be the 4 Year Anniversary of WaltInPA. I started this blog as a New Years Resolution and it has gone through a couple of evolutions over the years. It started out as a place for random musings. Next it became a place to share creative writings. The last evolution came two years ago when I decided to switch to a firearms format.

The last evolution was probably the best blog decision I’ve ever made. I’m genuinely happy with the way things have turned out and I look forward to what 2013 brings. I have a handful of ideas that I would like to implement this year and I’m confident that they will be well received.

With the new year upon us, I’d like to spend a little time looking back at 2012. I’ve spent a little time gathering up a number of blog posts. Below you’ll find two lists. The first is a breakdown of my ten favorite posts from 2012 (ordered from oldest to newest). The second list is made up of the ten most popular posts viewed in 2012 (ordered in a countdown fashion to the most popular).

My Favorite Posts of 2012

Most Popular Posts of 2012


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