An afternoon at the cigar lounge

A few days ago I fired off an email to a friend of mine that does alot of traveling for his job. I told him that when he is back in town that we should get together for a cigar at our local shop. Once he was back home and settled in once again, we met up for a cigar.

The local shop in my area has a great group of guys that are alot of fun to talk to. Everyone in the group has a different background, as a result there are are some very interesting points of view on a variety of subjects. Just like their points of view, their ages vary as well.

After a couple of hours in the lounge, we hear a female voice coming up the stairs from the shop into the lounge. Directly behind this attractive woman is a man and our shop owner. He gives us a quick introduction to the pair of people and informs us that they are with Lars Tetans Cigars.

As time had passed, the group had thinned out and people made their way home. At this point there were probably six people still hanging out. Musashi (the only name I remember) seemed very nice and started telling us a little about Lars Tetans Cigars. She told us how their cigars were not flavored, but aromatic, and that the product was far superior to the Acid line by Drew Estates.

We all listened but were not paying much attention as none of us were a fan of aromatic cigars. Samples of cigars and gourmet chocolates were handed out, as well as a flyer for a show in the area. Everyone kindly accepted the free items and thanked her for her time.

Not being a fan of aromatic cigars, I traded my limited edition in for something without the pungent perfume aroma. What I got in return was another Lars Tetans product that looked appealing. Unfortunately, being in the same bag as all of the aromatics gave it a slight aroma that may kill the enjoyment for me.

After alot of awkward silence, Musashi made her way back down to the shop and went on her way. The awkward silence was most likely due to the age of the guys (early-forties to mid-sixties) being handed a flyer to a show that was totally out of their demographic by a woman with multi-colored hair.

While I don’t have high hopes for the cigars, I appreciated the time and samples.

Lars Tetans Flyer - Front
Front of Flyer

Lars Tetans Flyer - Back
Back of Flyer

Lars Tetans Cigars
My score, minus the tasty chocolate


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7 thoughts on “An afternoon at the cigar lounge

  1. While I agree with you and won’t smoke Lars Teetens Cigars, the man, himself, is very interesting. He’s an artist, chocolate maker and cigar maker. Sounds like you have a good group at your cigar shop. I think I’ll head to mine now for some football.

  2. A few months back, my local shop owner gave me a Lars Teten cigar to try out. I pitched it after a few puffs. I’d rather smoke an Acid cigar. The shop owner said that the rep gave him some samples to try out and after my impression, he by passed the trying out and just threw them out.

  3. I just though….I wonder what his chocolate tastes like. Maybe the chocolate tastes like cigars and his cigars like chocolate.

  4. I just bought two Lars Tetens cigars at my local shop. I’m not one for flavored cigars, I tried the Acid cigars at the shop owners request and they just weren’t for me. The first one I smoked was a Maruro Shorty. It had a perfume smell but the taste was completely different. It was earthy, strong and spicy. The second was a Breif XTC and that had rich earthy flavor and medium to light strength. I hate to admit it but I will have to include these to my regular smokes,

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