An Itty-Bitty Garden Update

WaltInPA - Garden Update - 4

About this time last week I was telling you all about my brand new garden. It was a lot of work getting the raised beds built, leveled into the ground, filled, and planted, but we’re beginning to see some progress.

Because we were a bit late to the party, I opted to purchase a few plants for the garden rather than starting everything from seed. We’ve got four tomato plants, two jalapeno plants, one wonder pepper plant, and nine lettuce plants slowly growing in the soil.

In the way of seeds I have watermelon, cucumber, spinach carrots, lettuce, and garden beans in the ground. I expect to see some seedlings emerging sometime next week. Until then it is a waiting game to see what comes up (my seeds are from two-years ago and beyond their ‘sell by date’. I don’t know if that means anything…). If for one reason or another the seeds don’t germinate and begin to grow, I’ll swap them out with more purchased plants.

I have some empty space in the garden that I was hoping to fill with strawberry plants. I’ve been to three different stores now and none of them have strawberries in stock. I have one more place to try before I call it quits and plants something else.

In addition, I’m considering buying one of those fancy potato grow bags and giving that a try. I never bothered to check but I wonder if sweet potatoes can be grown the same way as regular potatoes in such a setup?

The last couple of days have been nothing but grey skies and steady rain. The garden has gotten a good soaking but I haven’t seen much in the way of growth this week. I have a feeling that when the weather breaks my plants are going to hit a serious growth spurt.


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