An Outing with CustomFit Training

Last week my wife and I stopped in at CustomFit Training for a tour of the new place and to get her signed up for unlimited classes. During sign-up we got some bad news that the opening date had to be pushed back due to construction delays (it sounds as if the contractor fell behind on putting in the restroom).

While we were standing around talking, we learned that the delay has caused a little concern with the owner. He seemed worried that his clients from the former studio were without classes for too long and that some of them may have trouble getting moving again. He mentioned possibly getting together at a local park to get people up and moving before the grand opening.

I didn’t think much of the get-together until I saw it come across my Facebook Timeline. Everyone was invited to come out to the Boyertown Community Park on Tuesday night and walk / run on the 1 mile trail as a group.

Hey friends! JOIN US TONIGHT 6:30 @BOYERTOWN COMMUNITY PARK for a get up out and moving meet up and walk/run . Bring your kids dogs friends and let's move!

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My wife had to work but she encouraged me to go and take our daughter along. I’ve been trying to be a bit more social and it gave me the perfect excuse to go for a run when the heat of the day was settling.

When it came time to leave, our daughter wanted to go swimming with her grandparents. I didn’t know how much fun she would have on the trail with me anyway, so I told her to go and have fun. All by my lonesome, I hopped into the car and headed over to the park.

I got there early and felt rather awkward not knowing anyone (class regulars I would imagine). I screwed around on my phone until it was time to get started and I set off. I walked with the group for a minute or two then started running. I passed the group and was all on my own.

This was the first run I had gone on in several days. I skipped my Thursday run (2.5 miles) and my long Sunday run (3.5 miles) due to injury. I didn’t feel horrible when I set out but there was some minor pain in my heel (Achilles Tendonitis).

As soon as I began climbing the hills after the first half-mile I felt every rep from my leg workout the day before. With burning quads I trudged along. I wound up covering two miles and felt like that was all I had to give just then. I was hoping for 2.5 miles but between my heel and my legs, I was happy with the two.

After my run was complete I continued along the trail for a cool-down. As I made my way back towards the wooded section, I saw the group coming around the baseball field. Not wanting to be completely unsocial, I changed course and headed across the grass to meet them and chat. Being a quiet guy, having a conversation with people I don’t know very well can be a challenge but I enjoyed myself.

We finished walking the loop and were back to where we started. Everyone said their goodbyes and I was on my way home to meet back up with my daughter. After putting my daughter to bed I sat out on the deck with my feet up. My heel began to throb but I looked back fondly on the night. I was able to get out, have a little fun, and burn some calories in the process. I enjoyed myself and hope to do it again sometime.

An Outing With CustomFit Training


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