Archery Lessons for a 3 Year Old

A couple of months ago I ventured out to Hamburg Game Association for my first 3D Archery Shoot in years. I wound up having a great time and was invited out to their weekly 15 Target 3D Shoot on Thursday Nights. I didn’t have a baby-sitter so I wound up bringing my daughter the following week.

We both had a great time. I spent time with my daughter and shot my bow, she got to hang out with her Dad and help me hunt for animals. As we were leaving, she asked if I could teach her how to shoot a bow. I got excited at the thought and immediately started looking for a bow that she could manage.

I was having some trouble finding something to fit my daughter and turned to the Archery Talk ForumsOpens in a new tab. for advice. In addition to some great youth bow suggestions, one very generous person sent me his daughter’s old bow. His daughter was about 3 when she started and had long outgrown the bow, it would be a great fit for my little girl.

I have since got my daughter all set up to shoot but we’ve run into a little snag. Hamburg Game Association has finished up their archery program for the year and I didn’t know how I was going to get my daughter shooting. I mentioned this on Facebook and got a great recommendation to create my own walking course in my yard. I could print out targets and post them around for my daughter to shoot.

Archery Lessons for a 3 Year Old - 1

I tracked down a couple of deer targets online, scaled them up to fit on 24×36 plotter paper, and printed them out at work. I used a couple of pistol target stands to hang the target. With my daughter shooting such a light bow, the paper alone would be enough to slow down the arrow.

We spent a little time shooting today and my daughter had a great time. I only went with one target this time but I can see this turning into a full blown archery course in the coming weeks. It is a bit premature but I’m already looking into a more substantial bow for my daughter just as soon as she is big enough to handle it.


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