Archery is much more fun when you can see the scoring rings

Reading Archery Club Friday Night 3D - Jan 24 2014 - 1

Over the past few Archery Shoots, I’ve been guessing where scoring zones were located on each target. The premise is simple, look for the replaceable insert and shoot somewhere in the middle. If you hit the insert, you’ve got a great chance at at least 8 points. Occasionally you strike the 10 and on a rare occasion my guess is good enough to win me 12 points.

Wanting to improve my shooting, especially on the 3D Course, I picked up a set of binoculars today. I used them for the first time tonight at the Reading Archery Club Friday Night 3D Fun Shoot. Being able to see the scoring rings from 20 to 30 yards makes a world of difference.

The real challenge tonight was not having a list of yardages. While I could see the scoring rings just fine, guessing where to hold my sigh pin was a challenge. I need a lot more practice to to turn my 8’s into 10’s but I’m having a great time working at it.

I met up with the Ross Family once again and paired up with Zena. Neither of us shot the 321 that we did last week but I’m pretty happy with my 314, given the unknown yardages.

Reading Archery Club put on a great Fun Shoot. The shots were challenging and we were given several opportunities to be aggressive and shoot for 14. The setup looked a little bare without all of the various props (faux logs, trees, and brush) but it was worth every bit of the $10 registration fee.

If you are in the Reading Area and have an interest in Archery, I would strongly suggest visiting Reading Archery Club. The club has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone I’ve met seems very nice. I’m going to try and make a habit of attending their Friday Night 3D Fun Shoots.

Reading Archery Club Friday Night 3D - Jan 24 2014 - 2


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  1. Just remember this is supposed to get you in practice for the real thing, too. Last time I checked deer don’t have rings, nor does the heart show through their sides. Even if they did, would that allow you time to look through binoculars before drawing back? Just keeping thinks in perspective. Nice job, I see you scored higher than “Z”. That’s got to be a confidence boost. I can’t remember when I did.

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