Archery Practice with Mission Craze Bow

Mission Craze Bow - Aug 2 2013 - 1 I have a terrible habit of starting hobbies at the tail end of their respective seasons. USPSA is a great example of this as I got serious about the sport in October of 2011. The season ended in November and I was left desperately waiting for the new season to begin in April of the following year.

Archery is turning out much the same way. My plan is to attend the August 2013 3D Shoot at Hamburg Fish & Game Association. It just so happens that this is their last monthly 3D shoot of the year. The same goes for Topton Fish & Game, which I’m also hoping to attend.

In hopes of losing fewer arrows in the woods, I thought it would be a good idea to dust off my Mission Craze Bow and get in a little practice before the last couple of shoots of the year. I headed out to Topton Fish & Game to use their practice targets. I did a little shooting at 22, 32, and 42 yards.

I brought along my video camera in hopes of reviewing my form when I got home. As it turns out, I didn’t do a great job of getting myself in the frame. I had a Kodak Playsport mounted to a GorillaPod and set it up on the ground. Next time I’ll have to bring a full height tripod so that I capture better footage. Fortunately, the lower two-thirds of the bow and my arms are in the frame, so I was able to get some use out of the video (my 22 yard video had me too far out of frame so I didn’t bother including it).

My groups were pretty lousy but I should be able to hit a foam target between 20 and 30 yards without too much trouble. Getting a good hit, on the other hand, is another story altogether.


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