2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Repair Cost – $5,544.39 In Damages

On June 18, 2023, I went for a Father’s Day Motorcycle Ride to Lancaster, PA, to see a historic covered bridge. I was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of PA Rt 422 East and PA Rt 82 when a distracted driver rear-ended me.

Fortunately, the driver and I were at a complete stop before the accident. The driver was on their cell phone, thought the light changed, and drove into the rear of my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP. The accident was slow speed, and I walked away without any injuries. The impact caught me by surprise and resulted in the bike falling onto its right side.

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Crash Dmage - Rear Ended

After a police report was filed, I had a local towing company remove the motorcycle and store it until I could arrange for repairs at Martin Moto in Boyertown, PAOpens in a new tab.. Martin Moto picked up the bike on June 23, 2023, and began working up a repair estimate.

Martin Moto completed the Repair Estimate on July 13, 2023, at a cost of $123.20. My insurance company approved the estimate on July 14, 2023, and Martin Moto was released to complete the repairs. I was informed that the Tail Assembly was unavailable in the United States and had to be ordered from Japan with an estimated arrival time of 21 Days.

Martin Moto completed the repair on September 6, 2023, and informed me that my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP was ready to be picked up. Coincidentally, I received a letter from Yamaha USA that same day informing me of a Recall affecting my motorcycle. I requested that Martin Moto complete the Recall Service before pickup.

Martin Moto completed all services on September 15, 2023, and informed me that my motorcycle was ready for pickup. In addition to the repairs, they detailed the bike as a courtesy. The total cost of the repair, including an additional service to install a brake light modulator, came to $5,544.39 (Including 6% State Sales Tax).

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Crash Damage - Repaired

Crash Damage I&R

On June 20, 2023, I drove to Martin Moto to speak with them about my upcoming repair. I explained that I was rear-ended and my bike was being stored at a local towing company. I was getting the insurance paperwork filed, and in the meantime, I wanted to know what to expect from them.

I spoke with Kelly Knauss (General Manager at Martin Moto), and she explained that the first step would be to get the bike to them, and they would spend an hour or two investigating the damage. They would then produce a detailed work order to be passed along to my insurance company for approval.

The information below was taken directly from my Repair Order.


The unit has extensive damage on the rear end of the motorcycle.

  • The RHS bar end is scratched.
  • The RHS mirror is scraped.
  • The RHS frame slider is scraped.
  • RHS rider foot peg and mount are scraped.
  • RHS passenger peg and mount are scraped.
  • The rear wheel is scratched.
  • The swing arm is scratched.
  • The support bar under the tail section that connects passenger pegs is bent.
  • The rear subframe section is slightly bent.
  • All tail-end rear fender components are destroyed. Tail light, turn signals, license plate light, license plate bracket, license plate, rear fender mounts, and plastics.

The unit needs the following.

  • RHS Bar End
  • RHS Mirror
  • RHS Frame Slider (Aftermarket R&G Racing)
  • RHS Rider Peg
  • RHS Rider Peg Mount
  • RHS Passenger Peg
  • RHS Passenger Peg Mount
  • Rear Subframe
  • Rear Fender Cover
  • RHS and LHS Rear Side Panels
  • LP Bracket
  • LP Light
  • Both Turn Signals
  • Tail Light
  • Tail Light Mount
  • Rear Fender
  • Rear Fender Mount
  • Rear Fender Cover 2
  • Seat Lock Cap
  • Rear Reflectors
  • Plate Stay
  • Hardware for all Tail End Sections being Replaced
  • Rear Wheel
  • Swing Arm with Bushings

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Repair: Replacement Parts

Part NoQtyDescriptionTotal
4YR-26246-00-001End, Grip$20.99
B7N-26290-00-001Rear View Mirror A$81.99
B7N-27461-00-001Footrest 4$15.99
B7N-27443-00-001Bracket 3$64.99
B7N-27441-00-001Footrest, Rear 2$12.99
B7N-2742L-00-001Bracket 5$81.99
B7N-21190-09-001Rear Frame Comp.$970.99
B7N-21711-00-001Cover, Side 1$12.99
B7N-21721-00-001Cover, Side 2$12.99
B7N-84700-00-001Taillight Assy$217.99
2PN-84745-01-001License Light Unit Assy$42.99
3Y6-85130-02-001Rear Reflector Assy$21.99
B7N-21629-00-001Guard, Mud$17.95
B7N-2164F-00-001Stay 1$43.99
B7N-2164G-00-001Stay 2$46.99
B7N-2163E-01-001Cover, Rear Fender 2$11.99
B7N-21682-00-001Stay, Plate$34.99
1RC-84751-00-001Bracket, License$29.99
449-85131-02-002Reflector, Rear 1$51.98
B7N-21651-01-001Cover, Rear Fender$10.99
B7N-83330-20-001Rear Flasher Light Assy 1$63.99
B7N-83340-20-001Rear Flasher Light Assy 2$63.99
B7N-25338-00-P01Cast Wheel, Rear$506.99
BAM-22110-10-001Rear Arm Comp.$1,115.99
5VY-22128-00-002Cover, Thrust 1$23.98
B7N-2465B-01-001Cap, Rotor$4.95
90508-09007-001Spring, Torsion$2.95
93430-02001-001Circlip, E-Type$6.99
90269-05055-001Rivet, Spec’l Shape$5.99
93106-40013-001Oil Seal$11.99
93106-35042-001Oil Seal$11.99
93108-17071-002Oil Seal$11.90
Parts Subtotal$3,930.24

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Repair: Labor Costs

R&R RHS Rear View Mirror0.1$11.00
R&R RHS Rearset0.2$22.00
R&R Bar End0.1$11.00
R&R Pass Rearset0.2$22.00
R&R RR Fender Cover0.2$22.00
R&R RHS Side Panel0.1$11.00
R&R LHS Side Panel0.1$11.00
R&R LP Light Assy0.3$33.00
R&R LHS and RHS Indicators1.01$111.00
R&R Taillight0.2$22.00
R&R RR Stay Bracket0.5$55.00
R&R Rear Wheel Assy2.38$261.80
R&R Subframe Assy3$330.00
R&R Swingarm1.82$200.20
R&R Taillight Mount0.37$40.70
R&R LP Bracket0.2$22.00
R&R Frame Sliders T/M0.36$39.60
Labor Subtotal$1,225.40

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Starting Issue

During the repair, it was discovered that my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP would not start. Before the accident, the bike was running well, and seeing this on the repair order was a bit surprising. It seemed that my fuel injectors had become partially clogged after the accident.

I appreciated that Martin Moto took the time to resolve the problem but didn’t directly bill me for Time and Materials. Throughout this process, I was concerned that additional damage would be discovered and an amended claim to the insurance company would need to be filed. Fortunately, I did not have to deal with that headache, and I appreciated the courtesy.


I checked the fuel pressure, and it was 45psi, which is in spec. Removed tank and air box, removed coils, tested for spark, and inspected plugs. The plugs are good, and the unit has a spark. I found that the injectors were partially clogged and had to be cleaned. Cleaned them and reassembled the unit. It runs well but needs detail.

I&R Starting Issue2.250.02

Install Brake Light Modulator

Given the nature of this accident, I don’t know that a Brake Light Modulator would have been any help. Even so, I knew I wanted to have one installed for peace of mind. I purchased a plug-in unit from TST IndustriesOpens in a new tab. and requested Martin Moto install it since they would have the tail section removed anyway.

The charge for this service was minimal and saved me the time of doing it myself after the repairs were completed.

Install Brake Light Modulator0.13$14.30

RN72E0000721 – Yamaha Repair Campaign 006-7R

Coincidentally, the day that Martin Moto told me that my repairs were completed, I received a letter from Yamaha USA. It explained there was an open recall on my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP for an issue with the 02 Sensor.

Since Martin Moto still had my bike in the shop, I contacted them and requested that they complete the service before I picked up the motorcycle. They were happy to complete the repair but told me it would be a couple of days before receiving the parts. I agreed and authorized the additional work.

Part NoDescriptionTotal
90891-30164-00Connector Cover for 02 SensorWARRANTY

My Experience With Martin Moto

When I spoke with my insurance adjuster, I requested that the repair work be performed by Martin Moto in Boyertown, PA. I have purchased three motorcycles from them over the past three years (2018 Honda CB650F, 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP, and 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 400) and have all my services performed there. I have always found them professional, with fair pricing and solid communication.

This time, there were some frustrating aspects – all of which had to do with poor communication. The initial repair order took three weeks and included several phone calls from my Insurance Adjuster and me visiting the Service Department to find out what was happening. Neither of us received an explanation of the problem and were promised timelines that came and went.

When my Insurance Adjuster approved the estimate, I visited Martin Moto to authorize the repair and sign any required paperwork. While there, the Parts Department explained they could not source replacement Aftermarket R&G Racing Frame SlidersOpens in a new tab.. They also explained that while most parts were readily available to repair my MT-09 SP, the Tail Section was unavailable in the United States and had to be ordered from Japan. The estimated time of arrival for that assembly would be three weeks.

I left the Service Department with a rough estimate of my bike being repaired by approximately August 15, 2023 (4 Weeks after authorizing the repairs). My repairs were completed on September 6, 2023, nearly 11 Weeks after the dealership received it.

I have first-hand experience dealing with delays from Yamaha. The motorcycle itself was delayed numerous times after it was ordered. I’ve had parts on order for months and had to resort to used parts instead. This is no fault of Martin Moto and is out of their control, but a periodic phone call, email, or text message to fill me in on the progress of the repair would have eliminated much of my frustration.

Additionally, the Final Invoice and Repair Estimate did not match and cost me approximately $85 out of pocket. This was not pointed out when I picked up my bike and was left to discover it on my own when I wrote this article.

I don’t have an issue with the final cost being slightly higher than anticipated – especially since they resolved the starting issue and detailed the bike at no charge. However, it would have been nice if it had been communicated to me.

I plan to continue doing business with Martin Moto and feel that despite these communication issues, the dealership is my first choice for purchasing bikes and performing routine services. It is my hope that future dealings go smoother with better communication.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

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