Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 9 – The MT-09 is Fixed | Interesting 2023 Models

In the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 9, we’re going to discuss the final chapter of my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Saga, a Product Review I have coming up, and 2023 Motorcycle Announcements that have caught my attention.

Hello and Welcome to the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast. If this is your first time checking out the podcast, we talk about general motorcycle topics and the things surrounding them. I am our host, Walt, from WaltInPA.

2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Update:

It is starting to feel like a tradition to discuss the situation with my MT-09 SP. I am thrilled to announce that it is fixed and parked behind me – ready to ride!

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 8, I explained that Martin MotoOpens in a new tab. picked up the bike and took it back to the dealership to repair my rear brake caliper. I handed the delivery driver a box of parts – a used Rear Brake Caliper Assembly, replacement bolts, and a new rubber grommet to take along with my motorcycle.

The following week I received a phone call from the dealership informing me that the bike was repaired and ready to be picked up. I planned on having them deliver the bike to me – saving me from having to arrange a ride to the dealership. They couldn’t schedule that until Tuesday, so I arranged to get it the next day.

I don’t remember the total repair cost, but I remember being told 0.9 Hours to install and bleed the new brake caliper assembly. That seemed very reasonable, and I was thrilled to have the problem finally behind me.

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 9 - 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP

HearProTek Motorcycle Ear Plugs:

I’m happy to announce that a Motorcycle Accessories Seller recently contacted me about producing a Product Review. This isn’t the first time this has happened. However, it is the first time someone has reached out about a product I’m interested in using and testing.

HearProTek asked me to review their Motorcycle Ear Plugs. Before accepting, I explained to them that I would be willing to do it under the following conditions. First, I am free to be completely honest about my experience – good, bad, or indifferent. Being honest with my audience is more valuable than a free pair of earplugs. Additionally, I wanted a second pair to give as a promotion. HearProTek found those terms acceptable and shipped me the product.

I take product reviews very seriously and intend to use the earplugs for several rides to formulate an opinion. If you are interested in hearing my thoughts – keep an eye on my WaltInPA YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab. over the coming weeks.

In that product review, I’ll announce how you can enter to win a free pair of HearProTek Motorcycle Ear Plugs.

Featured Content: Dewey Rides in a new tab.

Hello YouTube, It’s Dewey!  I’m a motorcyclist out of Portland, OR.  I’m doing a mix motovlog and travel videos, but the common theme is that I ride to scenic places, and share that ride with you.  I hope to show you a little bit the amazing place that I live and the great riding from my area, as well as longer ADV rides.  I try to show off scenic places and highlight fun motorcycle roads, while I vlog and tell the story of the places I visit.

I ride a BMW F800GS and a Suzuki DR650.  I try to include a mix of both on and off-road riding, while exploring beautiful places.

New video’s come out once every two weeks, on Friday’s at 8:00 AM (Pacific).

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