Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 14 – Covered Bridges and Broken Body Panels

Hello and Welcome to The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 14. I have a wide array of topics to cover in this episode, starting with Technical Difficulties with Episode 13 and ending with a broken body panel on my 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 400.

Technical Difficulties

After I finished recording The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13, I began a process I’ve done hundreds of times. I began transferring the video footage from my DJI Osmo ActionOpens in a new tab. to my Portable Hard DriveOpens in a new tab.. Ordinarily, the transfer is uneventful, and I delete the original footage as I do not need two copies.

As the transfer happened, I heard shouting outside my Motorcycle Shed. I jumped off of my chair and went outside in a panic. As it turns out, there was some drama with a passer-by. When I went back inside and sat down to check the transfer, it showed as complete.

I did what I always did and cleared off the Micro SD CardOpens in a new tab.. Later, when I attempted to import the video into Davinci Resolve, I quickly learned that I had only transferred a small piece of the footage. At that point, it was too late, and the video I needed to put the show together was gone.

Fortunately, I record my Audio and Video separately. This allowed me to distribute the Audio even though I didn’t have a video to share on the WaltInPA YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab..

Planning A Group Ride

The WaltInPA Discord Server has a channel dedicated to Group Rides. In this space, we plan motorcycle trips and invite others to join us. Now that we’re in the thick of Winter, there isn’t much riding going on. In an attempt to get a jump on the Spring Riding Season, I’m formulating our first ride of 2023.

In March, we will ride to the Louis J. Mascaro Automotive MuseumOpens in a new tab. in Birdsboro. From there, we’ll go to the Morgantown Coffee HouseOpens in a new tab. for Lunch. Between the two stops, we’ll be enjoying the scenic back country roads of Southeast Pennsylvania.

I’m hesitant to post the details for this Group Ride publicly. I fear that we may get too many motorcycles to manage by some freak chance. For the time being, if anyone is interested in participating, I would suggest joining the WaltInPA Discord ServerOpens in a new tab.. This will allow us to keep track of participants and plan accordingly.

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 14 - Group Ride

Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplug Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Hearprotek and asked if I would be interested in producing a Review for the Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplugs. In addition to supplying me with a free pair of earplugs to review, they also send me a pair to give away.

If you want a chance to win a Free Pair of Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplugs, you can enter by signing up for the WaltInPA Newsletter with the form below. I’ll be randomly selecting a Subscriber on February 1, 2023.

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New Motorcycle Books

During The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 5, I discussed some of the Motorcycle Books I have been reading (and listening to via Audible). Thanks to that episode, a couple of people recommended additional reading material.

I haven’t started reading any of them yet, but I have added three books to my collection. I look forward to reading them and sharing my thoughts in a future episode.

Motorcycle Education

In Episode 13 of the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast, I discussed creating Motorcycle Education Content for the WaltInPA Blog. Since that episode, I have expanded that content with another article on Pennsylvania’s Ride On Red law – Can Motorcycles Run Red Light in PA?

I’m looking to expand on these topics and would appreciate hearing any requests you may have for future content.

Visiting a Covered Bridge

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13, I discussed going on a ride with UnTamed Ride and having to turn around because of rain. Our planned destination was Hunsecker’s Covered Bridge in Lancaster. While that ride was unsuccessful, Untamed Ride and I decided to give it another shot. This time we made it without getting wet!

The ride turned out to be lots of fun, and the bridge was in fantastic shape. I brought my cameras along and got footage walking through and around the Historic Covered Bridge. I’ll be sharing that video in an upcoming post.

Broken Body Panels

After leaving the Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge, Untamed Ride and I made a pit stop at a gas station on the way home. As I dismounted my 2023 Ninja 400, my knee bumped the rear plastic and snapped it off. I think the cold (high 30’s) may have made the plastic a bit brittle, and the bump was enough to break it.

I was bummed out to have damaged my brand-new motorcycle. I decided to take a chance and reach out to Kawasaki Customer Care to see if this would fall under a standard warranty. They instructed me to take it to my Kawasaki Dealer to have the problem assessed.

When I arrived at Martin Moto to show them my problem, I wasn’t hopeful that they would warranty a broken body panel. I was blown away when they told me they would take care of it!

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 14 - Broken Body Panel

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