Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman - The Dark Knight

While growing up, I became pretty fond of different television shows and movies. Some of my favorites were simple cartoons which included; He-Man, Thundercats, Voltron, and so on.

In addition to these fondly remembered television shows, I used to like to watch some of the older shows played on Nick at Night. Some of these I found less interesting than others, but they were a way to pass the time.

One of the shows I can remember watching infrequently was Batman and Robin. Outside of cartoons, I didn’t care much for super-hero based shows. As I got older I probably watched all of the Batman movies with the same laid-back sort of view. Some of my friends were absolutely hooked, I thought it was okay but didn’t share anywhere near the same level of excitement over a newly released batman movie.

Over the years I have kept that same lack of interest for the super-hero genre. When Spider Man came out in theaters, I went with a group of friends and checked it out. I liked it, but clearly wasn’t as hooked as my friends were.

When Batman: Dark Night hit the theaters, I decided to skip seeing it in theaters. I thought that it wouldn’t be any different than previous movies in the way it was unable to grip my absolute attention and suck me into the action.

Hearing all of the great things people had to say about, my curiosity was raised. I eventually did wind up seeing the movie. While visiting my family, I noticed that my brother had a copy on Blu-Ray. I borrowed it and looked forward to seeing what all the rave was about.

As it turns out, this movie was unlike the rest. It grabbed every bit of my attention and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. For not being much of a super-hero movie kind of person, I loved it.

What had me on the edge of my seat was not Batman, but the Joker. I actually didn’t think much of Batman, but the role of the Joker was fantastic. With the dark tone of the film and the unpredictability of the villain, I couldn’t get enough.

For not being much of a Batman fan, I’m really looking forward to a follow-up movie. With the actor playing the Joker dead (Heath Ledger), I’m curious as to who will be able to carry out what was started in The Dark Knight.

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Batman: Dark Knight


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  1. I like the super hero genre and yes, the Joker was AWESOME! I really hope they just do not include the Joker in the next movie! They have plenty of other baddies they can pick from, dont spoil Heath Ledgers performance by having someone take his place when it isnt absolutely necessary for him to do so! (Harry Potter it WAS necessary to fill the role)


    Spiderman isnt my favorite either – heck he shows his face to so many damn people, why bother wearing the mask! I think the latest one was probably the best with Doc Oc in it.

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