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Bear Hunting - Nov 25 2013 - 2

Several weeks back I met up with my Hunting Partner, Troy, for a little Pheasant Hunting and Scouting around Hawk Mountain. As we walked around, Troy showed me an area where he came across a Black Bear while Deer Hunting. He told me to keep the area in mind for when Bear Season rolled around and we continued to look for Pheasants.

Last week marked the start of Bear Season here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, my schedule and the weather didn’t offer any opportunities to get out with my bow. As quickly as it came, the week of Bear Archery was over and I hadn’t had plans to go out with a rifle for the remainder of the season (which ends this week).

Troy suggested we pass on Goose Hunting today, due to the weather, and instead head back out to Hawk Mountain to hunt Bear with a Rifle. I was loaned a rifle and we set out to harvest a bear. Neither of us had any luck but the experience was enjoyable, even if I was a little nervous hunting from the ground (I envisioned becoming the prey if a bear snuck up on me).

We are looking at some nasty weather this week, which doesn’t lend itself to Bear Hunting, so I don’t know that I’ll get back out to do it again before the season closes. We are planning on Duck and Goose Hunting later this week and I’m really looking forward to it (even if it will be very cold and wet). The more time I spend Goose Hunting, the more I like it. It probably has a lot to do with seeing Geese as opposed to sitting in a tree for hours and not seeing any sign of deer.

I have one Goose in my freezer and I’d really like to get another before Thanksgiving. I opted to breast out my first goose (the idea of putting it in a crock pot was very appealing). If I get one in time, I think I want to go the traditional route this time and cook it much like you would a Thanksgiving Turkey.

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