Berks County Snow Storms

Berks Snow Storm - 1

On Saturday February 7, 2010, Reading PA was hit with a snow storm. In all I believe there was an accumulation of about a foot of snow. Just a mere four days later, the Reading area saw a second snow storm. This one dumping more than a foot and a half in some areas.

The first storm to hit the area wasn’t terrible and I was able to to clear my sidewalks in short order. The snow was light and fluffy which made shoveling a breeze. To make things easier on myself, I shoveled in two shifts, clearing roughly six-inches each time. After the second shift was completed, I moved to dig out our two family vehicles.

With the township plowed, shoveling out the cars wasn’t so bad. The difficult part was finding a good place to put the snow so that it didn’t get piled up in an poor location. I wound up walking with each shovel full of snow so that I could pile it up out of the way and simply add to the mountain that the plows had already helped create.

When the second storm came to pass, I found myself doing much more walking and a lot more throwing to move the snow into a position which was not in the way. I spent about an hour out in the snow on three different occasions clearing my sidewalks during the storm. The first two times I moved between six and eight inches of snow while the third time was a mere three inches.

Once the sidewalks were clear, it was time to tackle the two family vehicles once again. Between the snow piled up beside the cars and the drifts created by the wind, both cars were completely covered. It took me nearly four-hours to dig out those two vehicles. Each and every shovel load of snow had to be carried to my growing mountain of snow.

By the time I was finished, my snow was piled over six-feet tall, five feet wide, and more than ten feet long. Granted, the snow plow helped me build such a monster pile of snow, but I added an incredible amount to it as I dug out those vehicles.

As I write this article, Reading is expecting yet another snow storm to come through the area in a matter of a few hours. We are expecting a mere six inches this time around but I am quickly running out of places to pile the snow.


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  1. I was so happy for my snow blower! Total for both storms we had right around 38 inches on the ground. We may have had a bit more where I live because of a higher elevation. I also have run out of room to put any more snow. I am glad the last 1-3″ storm didnt give us more than a dusting!

    I am really thinking of either selling this house and getting one with a garage or building a garage out back šŸ˜‰


    1. You got more than we did overall, did you hear any problems with roof cave-ins in your neck of the woods? I drove past a place on my way to the cigar shop today, an old factory-type building had its roof collapse from the weight of the snow. Heard of 1-2 homes having the same problem.

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