Bitten By The Tool Bug

Bosch Jigsaw - 5.7 Amp Model JS5

Over the years I have managed to acquire a solid collection of woodworking tools. Like the typical man, I got a kick out of buying a new tool for a special situation. It all started off with simple things such as hammers and screwdrivers. Later it became a little more involved and turned into different types of measuring devices and clamps. In the latest stage it was specialty planes that would be used for a single project then shelved for months at a time, until needed again.

Ever since purchasing my home last year, I’ve been putting more and more of these tools to use. Since changing careers and becoming a drafter/designer, many of my tools have spent a whole lot of time packed in boxes.

The more involved my work around the house (and side-work) has become, the more I see the need for different types of tools. Throughout my career as a cabinetmaker, the one genre of tool that I did not invest in has been power tools.

While on twitter I have come to find the RocklerOpens in a new tab. account. Each day someone posts a new deal and knocks a few dollars off of a particular product. If you are familiar with Cigar MonsterOpens in a new tab., Joe CigarOpens in a new tab., and WootOpens in a new tab., you are familiar with the concept.

One of the Rockler Deals of the Day finally caught my eye and I made a purchase. The deal was a Bosch Jigsaw with oscillating blade and dust blower for $69.99. I’ve used a variety of Bosch tools in the past, including jigsaws, and I’ve always found them to be a solid tool all around. Between my past experience and the low cost, I bit on the deal and ponied up my credit card information.

Since having received my new tool, I’ve already started looking at other power tools I’ll be needing for around the house. The next item I have my eye on is a DeWalt 10” Compound Miter Box, although it is considerably more expensive that my previous purchase.

What was the last tool
that you purchased?


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