Bitten By The Tool Bug

Bosch Jigsaw - 5.7 Amp Model JS5

Over the years I have managed to acquire a solid collection of woodworking tools. Like the typical man, I got a kick out of buying a new tool for a special situation. It all started off with simple things such as hammers and screwdrivers. Later it became a little more involved and turned into different types of measuring devices and clamps. In the latest stage it was specialty planes that would be used for a single project then shelved for months at a time, until needed again.

Ever since purchasing my home last year, I’ve been putting more and more of these tools to use. Since changing careers and becoming a drafter/designer, many of my tools have spent a whole lot of time packed in boxes.

The more involved my work around the house (and side-work) has become, the more I see the need for different types of tools. Throughout my career as a cabinetmaker, the one genre of tool that I did not invest in has been power tools.

While on twitter I have come to find the RocklerOpens in a new tab. account. Each day someone posts a new deal and knocks a few dollars off of a particular product. If you are familiar with Cigar MonsterOpens in a new tab., Joe CigarOpens in a new tab., and WootOpens in a new tab., you are familiar with the concept.

One of the Rockler Deals of the Day finally caught my eye and I made a purchase. The deal was a Bosch Jigsaw with oscillating blade and dust blower for $69.99. I’ve used a variety of Bosch tools in the past, including jigsaws, and I’ve always found them to be a solid tool all around. Between my past experience and the low cost, I bit on the deal and ponied up my credit card information.

Since having received my new tool, I’ve already started looking at other power tools I’ll be needing for around the house. The next item I have my eye on is a DeWalt 10” Compound Miter Box, although it is considerably more expensive that my previous purchase.

What was the last tool
that you purchased?


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

8 thoughts on “Bitten By The Tool Bug

  1. I’m looking to get a drill press and a small welder.
    On that compund miter saw watch out for large diameter blades. They tend to deflect. 8 or 10 is is probably the best. I have a 10″ Hitachi sliding compound miter saw. Love it.

  2. The last tool that I purchased was an adjustable wrench.

    Not much need for power tools while in an Apartment but I am sure that will change.

  3. Nick,
    When I was building furniture, the shop I worked at used to have two miter boxes. Both DeWalt but one was a 10″ Double Bevel Compound Slider and the other was 12″ Single Bevel.

    While you couldn’t do as much with the larger saw, I think it made a better cut.

    I think the blade you use makes a huge difference. At the time we were using Forrest Industries. They make an expensive blade, but I have never used a higher quality saw blade.

    Chances are that I’ll be going with a 10″ DeWalt Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw. While I like the 12″ better and its ~$80.00 more, the blades are more expensive and I don’t think I have a need for the additional 2″ in blade size.


  4. Walt,
    you were building furniture? did you do that in PA or did you spend some time in NC?

    I used to work for a ‘to the trade only’ fabric and furniture company – I was in the furniture department and dealt a lot with some of the factories in Hickory (Hickory Chair & Vanguard) and High Point (Directional).

    I have a lot of respect for furn manufacturers – it’s such an art.


  5. dk_fxn,
    I did that here in PA. The furniture I built was a little different than what most people consider to be “furniture”.

    I used to do Tables, Sideboards, Armoirs, Blanket Chests, Beds (Sleigh and Pencil Post), as well as cabinetry (Built in Entertainment Centers).

    I also made the Rolling Table Sam Leccia used on the Nub Tour last year.

    I miss it from time to time. Doing side-work is a nice way to revisit it.


  6. damn it Walt why did you have to mention tools… now my Sears and Home Depot cards are calling to me again. I just finished paying those things off. Oh well, one can NEVER have enough tools.

  7. Great pickup and nice article Walt, Between my tool and the tools inherited by my father-in-law my basement in full….

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