Blood of the Fold – Sword of Truth Series

Terry Goodkind - Blood of the Fold

Before I finished up Stone of Tears, I was a little concerned that I just might read through the last book in my first box set before receiving the next one in line. After checking my amazon account, I learned that for some reason Box Set 2 was delayed and was scheduled to ship in about a weeks time.

I was getting concerned that I might just read through Stone of Tears and tear through Blood of the Fold before the next book arrived. Not wanting to be held up, I dragged my feet a bit and read less frequently. Fortunately, this book didn’t grip my attention nearly as much as the first two and taking my time was easy.

This book, just like the previous one, starts up a couple of days after the previous one ends. This makes the storyline flow nicely and avoids the thought of something being missed between stories. For majority of the book, the characters are spread out in this fantasy world and the story does alot of weaving in and out to follow them along their journey.

I didn’t find myself tightly drawn into the story until about the mid point of the book. The early chapters were filled with political talk of joining lands for the greater good, or why those lands should remain separate. During these chapters I felt bored and wished that something would just happen already to end the story of joining the lands.

At the mid point, that jolt to the story took place and the political perspective seemed to dissipate and the action kicked in. From here on out I enjoyed the story much more and had to put a little more effort into setting the book down.

My only other complaint about this book was the constant reminders sprinkled throughout to remind you of past points in the story. I would imagine this was done to bring a reader back to speed between books (months or years) but I found it highly annoying as a reader that was reading the series book by book, in a short period of time.

The next book in the series is entitled Temple of the Winds. As of this article, I have read the first few pages and look forward to bringing you a little information on that book as well.


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