Book Review: Gun Proof Your Children by Massad Ayoob

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Being a new parent, one of my concerns is that at some point in time my daughter will find herself unsupervised and in the presence of guns. You may be thinking to yourself, if you lock up your guns you’ll never have to worry about that scenario. In a perfect world, locking my guns up would be enough to keep my daughter safe. However, we do not live in a perfect world and children are very resourceful. All it takes is for my daughter to visit a friend and them ask if she wants to see their parents gun, to thwart my simple plan.

My plan has always been to make an attempt at getting my daughter involved in shooting, in some capacity. If she showed no interest and would rather spend her time engaging in some other hobby, I am fine with that as well. Regardless of her choice to learn to shoot, I intend to get her familiar with firearms. The ultimate goal is to remove the “forbidden fruit” mindset that drives children to get into things that they know is off limits to them.

After watching a couple of Youtube videos featuring Massad Ayoob (I could listen to him talk for hours, he is a tremendously interesting individual), I decieded to order a couple of his books. One of those books was Gun Proof Your Children! All that I read about this book described it as a common sense approach to children and firearms, while being a very fast read. Those reviews were spot on.

Gun Proof Your Children! spans a whopping seventeen pages. Coupled with this short book is Masaad Ayoob’s Handgun Primer (More on that in another post). The style of writing is conversational and encourages you to think back on your childhood. An emphasis is put on how determined and clever children can be when they want to get at something.

While this book isn’t step by step guide on how to gun proof your children, it is thought provoking and suggests familiarizing your children with firearms in the event that they stumble onto one, unsupervised.

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