Book Review: Seven Days of Terror by John Pender

Book Review
Seven Days of Terror

John Pender - Seven Days of TerrorEarlier this week I wrote up a quick post talking about my birthday and having received a Nook from my wife. After playing with the device for a few minutes, I hopped onto the web in search of an eBook to try it out.

Earlier that day I spent some time reading a piece of Flash Fiction by John PenderOpens in a new tab.. I recalled having seen his eBook and decided to give it a read. The primary option for this book is in print form and is self published at Lulu. I selected the eBook option and made a payment of $6.25 before downloading my pdf.

John tells us that this book provides “Seven short, short, short stories and poems guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make those little hairs on your arms stand on end.”

After the simple purchase process, Seven Days of Terror was loaded onto my Nook and I was off and reading. The book, as you would have guessed by the name, is broken into seven section. Each section, or day, contains one piece of fiction.

Table of Contents:

  • The Tale of William Storey
  • Wolves
  • Set in Stone
  • Jeremy Willard and the Old Gray Squirrel
  • Paper Cut
  • Four (….—-)
  • Poetry of the Seventh Day

Each piece of fiction is short, just as John tells us in the introduction. They can easily be read in just a few minutes and are easily digested. The writing style is comfortable and allows each story to flow comfortably. The genre is Horror and the content is chilling without being gory or vulgar.

There are some stories I enjoyed more than others, but in general I enjoyed this book. Because I’m not a poetry reader, I skimmed through those sections and moved to the tales of terror.

My only disappointment came in the book being listed as 86 pages. While there may be 86 actual pages, roughly 27 are left blank for formatting purposes. This makes the book much shorter than it seems at first glance.

So the big question, would I recommend this book? If you enjoy reading Horror and some Poetry, I think you are going to enjoy this book. Even eliminating the 27 pages, plus the poetry, I still feel as though I got my monies worth out of Seven Days of Terror and would buy it again, as a gift.

If you are interested in reading Seven Days of Terror, you can purchase your copy from Amazon for $7.98. A Kindle version is available for $4.95 or it can be purchased from Lulu in PDF formatOpens in a new tab..

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  1. Unfortunately, formatting necessitates a lot of blank pages. I wish they would list the page count of the content, not the actual page count.
    As for skipping over my pooetry (as I affectionately call it), I don’t blame you. I never thought it to be all that good.
    Thank you for the kind review and I am delighted you enjoyed reading my stories.

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