Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese?Title: Who Moved My Cheese?
Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Published By: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Publish Date: 1998
ISBN: 0-339-14446-3
Length: 94 Pages
Purchased From: Amazon @ $12.90

Each and every Friday I set a little time aside to visit my local cigar shop and catch up with the regulars. Some weeks I have a little more time than others, but I do my best to give my business to the local shop. One particular Friday a group of us were sitting around and one of the regulars was telling us about his office.

This regular is a doctor and a partner is his practice. He went on to tell us how he has a fantastic staff due to the way they do things in his office. Each month the partners evaluate the books and if they make a profit over that particular month the year before, they assign bonuses to share the profit.

He went on to say that sometimes when new staff arrives they have a difficult time adjusting to the way things are outside of medical school. For this reason he has one mandatory task that he expects all new staff to partake in, which is to read a short book on change.

He went on to tell us about this short book chock full of thought provoking writing. The book was entitled Who Moved My Cheese?. Several months later the book came up again at the cigar shop, this time from another regular that had read it per the doctors suggestion. He went on and on about how it was such a good short read.

Even later down the line I was making a small purchases on Amazon and decided to add the book to my cart to qualify for free shipping. A few days later I un-boxed my order and cracked open the book. Reading the book from cover to cover did not take long at all. Before I knew it I was finished and amazed at how thought provoking it was.

The plot revolves around four characters, two of which are mice and two are little people. The mice had simple brains while the little people had the ability to inject emotion into their situations and think them through. One day the four characters set out on a journey through a maze to find cheese. After finding the cheese, the four characters respond to the situation a little differently.

The mice would awaken in the morning and scurry off to find the cheese. The little people got slower and slower each day, taking their good old time to arrive at the cheese. One morning the cheese was gone, this is when the the real thought provoking writing begins. Each character goes about their a day a little differently in order to find new cheese.

After finishing the book I found it difficult not to look at my current situation and put some thought into how I could make things better if anyone were to move my cheese.

What was the last thought provoking
book that you read?


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

  1. Nice. When my company spun off two years ago, the site management read this book in dealing with the change.

    As changes are always occurring, knocking us off our nice safe path, I think about this book quite often.

  2. I have never read this book myself Walt, but my wife who is a “higher up” in a retail chain had to read it several years ago for her job and for a while they made every manager in the company read it (retail stores LOVE change so it was a great read for them). Now that I think back, I remember her saying this was a good book.

    I have been working in a firm for a couple of years now and just found out last week that my business partner is going to retire. Many of our current staff have been with him for years and are accustomed to doing things his way. My way and his way are not the same and so I can see change coming when it comes to how the staff operates. I totally forgot about this book. Thanks for refreshing my memory Walt! I’ll have to dig out my wife’s old copy and give it a read.

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