Buena Vista Social Club

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a little more free time than usual. I decided to fill the void in my day with a little Hulu watching. After catching up on the couple of television shows in my queue, I decided to take a look at the movies available.

Somehow I wound up in the documentaries section and came across the Buena Vista Social Club. It just so happens that I recently found an interest in their music and was interested in learning more about the group. I grabbed myself a cigar and hit play.

When the video came to a close I was glad that I watched it. It goes into a lot of detail about famous musicians in Cuba who have been forgotten over the years. The documentary is entirely in Spanish, but fortunately for me, it is subtitled in English.

As a plus for cigar smokers, there are a couple of scenes showing cigar factories and sticks being rolled. One of the musicians, Compay Segundo, also seems to have a cigar handy when he is not singing. If you have an interest in Cuban music, you should check it out.


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  1. I never really had a thing for cuban music but I watched this when you tweeted the link and loved it. Now I am looking for a cd of this as I just can’t seem to get enough. Great find.

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