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Stowe Archers S3DA Open Practice

About three years ago, I signed up for a USA Archery Level 1 Certification through Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab.. The program wasn’t very in-depth but it was a great primer for those interested in helping kids learn about archery.

After getting my certification and helping out for a few Monday NightsOpens in a new tab., I quickly discovered that I didn’t enjoy instructing in such a fast-paced environment with twenty-plus kids. What I did really enjoy was instructing in a smaller scale where I could spend time with one child and not feel compelled to race off to the next one in line.

Since getting certified, I’ve spent a fair bit of time working with my daughter, niece, nephew, and a handful of other kids at the club. It is very rewarding watching a new shooter go from never having shot a bow before to hitting the target for the first time.

For the past several months I’ve been hard at work doing my part to launch a new S3DA Program at Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab.. Last night we held our very first Open Practice (open to the public) and it was fantastic!

We had eight kids come out to participate in the program and I had the opportunity to work closely with four of those kids for the better part of an hour. With minimal distractions and focused Youth Archers, the program got off to an excellent start.

Coach Mike (our head coach) did a great job of laying the groundwork for future practices and I’m excited for what is to come. Our goals are simple – don’t push the kids and make learning about archery fun.

In the coming months, I hope to take things a step farther and obtain my USA Archery Level II Certification.

On a side note – being called “Coach Walt” is going to take a little getting used to. šŸ™‚

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WaltInPA has launched a new Archery Website entitled Archery CompassOpens in a new tab.. We aim to be a source of information to archers of all ages and experience levels, and we would love it if you would take a minute to check it out!


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