CAO Seed to Soul Video

Last week I did a Cigar of the Week video on the Davidoff 6000. In that video, I made mention that a person from Davidoff was kind enough to send me a package. Within the package was a DVD that featured the history of Davidoff of GenevaOpens in a new tab. and showed how much effort is put into continuing excellence in their brand.

I found the DVD very interesting and was inspired to check out some other manufacturer movies. The first one that I came across was the Seed to Soul video put out by CAO CigarsOpens in a new tab.. Fortunately, this video was available free of charge on YouTube and I did not need to purchase it in order to partake in the education.

The video clip below shows the first of three movies. Once you finish watching, look in the related videos list for “Part 2” and continue on from there. The video is very interesting and gives a little insight into all of the work that goes into producing a single cigar.

CAO Seed to Soul

Have you seen any videos produced
by Cigar Manufacturers to educate consumers?


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