Kettlebells on the Cheap

Kettlebells on the Cheap

A few weeks back my wife, two daughters, and I loaded up into the Mommy Mobile and took a ride out to the Jersey Shore. We stayed for a week, spending some time on the beach and going for long walks on the boardwalk. It was a nice time – despite me not being a beach person.

Before we left I came up with a grand plan to workout each morning while everyone slept in. A good friend of mine, Jerry Cruz, gave me a link to a Ketlebell Workout that he has been doing. I made a trip over to the local Walmart with the intention of picking up a 30 pound kettlebell. Unfortunately, what was in stock struck me as grossly overpriced and I left the store empty handed.

After we returned from vacation I was determined to get at least one kettlebell for my wife to use. She wants to try some strength exercises and isn’t quite ready for a gym membership. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Craigslist waiting for something to become available and struck out. Everything was either too far away to be practical or priced too high.

On a whim I headed over to the Walmart website and looked up CAP brand Kettlebells. From past experience I knew they run about $1.00 per pound (this is what I was looking for before I went on vacation) and I thought I’d just order what I needed.

To my surprise, CAP Kettlebells were on Rollback. I placed an order for a 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 30lb Kettlebell. With economy shipping I spent just under $60 for my order. Delivery took about a week but my shipment arrived today.

I handled them a bit this morning and they will serve me just fine. The handles are a touch small but that isn’t much to complain about considering the price. I think they’ll make for a great addition to my basement workout space.

Heavier weight is available and I’d love to order a 50lb kettlebell but I don’t have the spare cash at the moment. Hopefully they stay on rollback for a while and I can pick up more at a later date.


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