Childish Fun at my Wife’s Expense

If you are a follower of mine on TwitterOpens in a new tab. or a friend on Facebook, it would be of no surprise to learn that I like to have childish fun around my wife. At times it can be at her expense, but for the most part it makes her laugh. Admittedly, one of the main reasons my wife says she married me was because I could always make her smile with my childish wit.

When I say that at times I have fun at my wife’s expense, you are probably thinking practical jokes. Truth be told, it is actually a very rare occurrence for me to perform some sort of practical joke on my wife. I prefer the more subtle annoyances that make her laugh in frustration.

I’ll give you an example of making my wife laugh in frustration. A couple of weeks ago she was watching television in the living room. Syrus was sleeping on the floor next to the sofa and all was peaceful. I came out of my cigar smoking room to get a drink in the kitchen and otherwise see what she was up to. I was in a pretty good mood and for one reason or another had the Sanford and Son theme songOpens in a new tab. stuck in my head. Naturally, I mouthed all the instruments as best I could as I went about my business.

When my wife heard the strange noises I was making to mimic instruments and patch together this theme song, she turned and gave me an odd look. From then on, for the remainder of the day, I mouthed the words to the Sanford and Son theme song while I went about my business. I added a little flare as the day went on and found myself shuffling about, as I imagine Fred Sanford would, as I mouthed the sounds.

By around dinner time, and a solid day of my childish antics, my wife was beginning to get annoyed. Even though she was annoyed with me, she couldn’t help but laugh at the total package of old man dance moves and badly mouthed instruments to the tune of a television theme song that has been off the air for more than a decade.

What made it even funnier was the fact that I was getting into it. I knew it would make my wife laugh, but at this point that was simply a byproduct of my having fun. As I shuffled around the kitchen filling my glass with iced tea, not paying attention to my wife, I on occasional turned to see an annoyed look in her eyes with a smile on her face.

What childish antics do you take
part in to annoy your better half?


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4 thoughts on “Childish Fun at my Wife’s Expense

  1. Oh man, if my wife would read this, she could write a novel LMAO

    I always do childish things šŸ™‚ I figure you have to laugh at least once a day or what is the point!


    1. I am very selective on the bits and pieces of my life that I post here on my personal blog. If my wife was behind the blog, I’m sure she could post daily about the strange and crazy things I do to occupy my time….LOL

  2. I’m not here to tell you how stupid I act. It is already known in twitter land. I am an idiot.

    I am here to request that you incorporate this dance into a video cigar review. If Jerry can be an elf, you can be the weird guy dancing and mimicking the Sanford and Son theme while reviewing a stick. Do I have to send the cigars to you myself? What will it take?

  3. Tom,
    I wouldn’t want to step on Jerry’s toes. He is the funny one on Stogie Review, so I’ll leave him to dressing up as Jerry the Elf or Jerry McCruze and keep the Fred Sanford shuffle off camera, lol

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