Cigar of the Week: El Cobre By Oliva Cigars

El Cobre Robusto by Oliva Cigars

More than a year ago I was an active member of an up-and-coming cigar forum. As people got to know one another they began talking about having herfs (local meet ups revolving around cigars). As it turns out, one of these meet ups was being held at my local cigar shop by someone that was coming back to Pennsylvania to visit family.

I decided that I wanted to take part in this get-together and meet some of the people in person that I was conversing with on the forum. This particular herf was small and consisted of about four people in all (apparently, Reading doesn’t have an abundance of forum savvy cigar smokers).

One of the people in attendance was my areas Oliva Cigar representative. We got to talking about a variety of things, cigars being the prime topic of discussion. At some point in the conversation the El CobreOpens in a new tab. cigar was brought up. The rep went on to tell me that it was produced by Oliva and was only sold in Connecticut at the shop he used to go to when when he lived in the area.

Some time down the line we met up once again, this time he had a couple of El Cobre for me to try. Ever since then I have been hooked on the cigar. It packs alot of punch with lots of flavor, something I have come to enjoy greatly in a night-cap cigar. Any earlier than that and it tends to ruin my palate for other cigars.

The most interesting part of the cigar is its story. I’m told that Jose Oliva was out to dinner with some of the people from this shop in Connecticut. During dinner they got to talking about what makes a cigar enjoyable. Someone mentioned that the more strength it had, the better it was for them. As a bit of a joke, Jose had a bundle of cigars shipped to Connecticut that was fresh off the rolling table and loaded with Ligero.

The guys at the shop got together one night at the shop and unwrapped the oil stained paper from the bundle. Each person lit up a cigar and sunk in their chair from the power. The stick was later nicknamed The Lobotomizer and soon after became the house brand of this shop.

What cigar have you smoked this week
that you have found interesting?


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - Iā€™m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

5 thoughts on “Cigar of the Week: El Cobre By Oliva Cigars

  1. Walt,

    Due to my recent cold, which has lasted almost two weeks now, I have not smoked anything as of late. I can tell you though that I thought the CAO LX2 does fit in this criteria. It is loaded with lots of spice right up front and blends well with the other flavors involved in its creation.

    Now I am not a hugh power smoker but would like to try the El Cobre and will put it on my list. Anyway, great article, keep them coming.

    Your Pal

  2. The smoke that is most impressing me from this week was the Jose L Piedra cremas what a nice short smoke

  3. I had an el cobre this week, as well. They are simply a great contemplative cigar to me, and can stand up to almost any cigars that precede it throughout the day.

    I also had a bolivar petit corona. These are one of my favorites for their depth of flavor and punch despite brevity and limited space for leaf blending.

  4. I revisited the macanudo hampton court cafe. It was my first cigar ever 24 years ago. Today it tasted harsh and not very pleasant. The room aroma was great. It reminded me of the great times I had so long ago smoking them. I used to go to the casino in Canada and have a cigar. Drinking age was 19 afterall. If I hit it big I would buy a Cuban to follow it up. If I busted out I would go to the shoe show without a cigar. šŸ™‚

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